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Alpha Access – Price Drop!

Planetary Annihilation is about to enter the third month of being in the hands of our fans, with just about one month left in our alpha period. In that time, we have already seen the following core features come online since the first alpha build:

  • Windows 64 & 32 bit, Mac OS/X and Linux platforms all playable
  • Increased max game size from 4 players to a max of 10 in team gameplay. This will continue to increase as we build and optimize.
  • Planet Editor and Playable Custom Planets
  • Second commander added, with many more to be viewable and playable in game in the coming months
  • AI – Still a work in progress, but it will continue to grow!
  • First pass of matchmaking system – will continue to grow and evolve as we go
  • More general gameplay improvements than can be easily detailed in what is supposed to be a short update!
  • Significant enhancements to user feedback
  • Wide range of performance improvements, and we’re not even focused on that yet!

The remarkable thing about this list is it only touches on the actual changes in the build since the original alpha build. On the back end, a huge amount of work has been ongoing for reconnaissance, server technology, supporting multiple simultaneous celestial bodies (multi planet wars), and even larger play sessions, with the ultimate goal of 40 person drop in/drop out games that could span days.

With this in mind, and to make it easier to get in to the alpha who have been waiting patiently, we are dropping the price of the Galactic Edition to $70 USD. We are almost two thirds of the way through the alpha period, so we decided to drop two thirds off the alpha premium. This means if you were a beta player and want instant access, you can go our website and upgrade for $10. If you had a retail copy, you can upgrade for $30. Steam Early Access price is also dropping to $70!

The other big announcement is: due to more flexibility with our manufacturing now, we are bringing back the Cosmic Collector’s Edition of PA. It’s the same price as before, and includes all the same bonuses as before, including the collector’s edition box, and we will leave it available for sale for as long as possible. If you bought any other version through us, you can upgrade it the same as before.

We are excited about the current state of the game, and even more excited about the things to come soon. Beta is getting close, and with it, a huge number of new players who will be joining in the war for galactic supremacy, and helping us to mold the next generation of massive scale real time strategy gaming.

Head to http://store.uberent.com now to see the updated pricing, and if you’ve already purchased, login and select the “Upgrade” button to get access now!

Thanks to everyone for your support so far, and make sure to hop on to the forums and join in the conversation!

Planetary Annihilation May 17th: Steam Availability, and Project Calendar

Today we announced a couple big things in the galaxy of Planetary Annihilation!

Before getting into the details, please review our FAQ and our front page for more details about Steam keys, upgrading, and other topics.

First, we announced the project calendar. The alpha will being at the start of June, and run til the end of August. Our beta early access period will start in September and run through the end of November. The official retail launch will be in December.

As part of this, we are also announcing Steam Early access, which will start in the first week of June. Any one who was an early backer, or who has already pre-ordered, will have the opportunity to get a Steam key once the game is available on that service. We will provide more details when the Steam keys are available! Please don’t email us about them until then. 🙂

You can see our pre-view steam page here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/233250/

And if you pre-order today, you’ll be able to get your Steam key when Steam Early Access goes live. So head over to http://store.uberent.com and get your Early Access!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Planetary Annihilation: Game Client Demo and Alpha Announcement

Before we get to the video: We expect to start Alpha roll out starting at the end of May. It will be rolled out as fast as we can manage, and if you paid for Alpha access, you will get in as quickly as we can accommodate one of the largest alpha groups we’ve ever seen! Before emailing us with questions, please check the FAQ and the forums. Hopefully most questions you have are already answered! (We’re getting a bit of mail as you can imagine)

And now, the video! Enjoy, and let us know what you think of the game you all have helped make possible!

Planetary Biome Concepts – Updates

A quick update! We’ve gotten the high res version uploaded to our own servers, so now you can download it here.

We also created two variants of cover pictures for Facebook and Google +. One based off the forest biome, and another based on the arctic biome. They’re also big enough they’ll make awesome wallpapers for lower resolution screens!

March 22nd LiveStream

If you were unable to join us yesterday during the LiveStream, it’s up on YouTube now.

Segment 1: Jon Mavor and Kevin Francis talk about planet generation and the deferred rendering engine. In-engine demo.

Segment 2 (00:24:15) Jon and Elijah Emerson talk about the navigation, and flow fields. In engine demo.

You can watch here:

During this LiveStream, Jon and Kevin go into detail showing off the latest iteration of the planet generator, some of the new rendering techniques and art concepts that have gone into not only creating awesome looking planets, but also to show what they’ll look like once asteroids start hitting them. Not to be missed if you have dreams of sending 5 synchronized meteors flying at your enemies.

Next, Jon and Elijah discuss flow field pathing using an in engine test bed that pushes the navigation system and units as hard as possible.

The full show is almost an hour long, and most of it is spent with the planet editor and nav tests up and running. If you want a chance to see more in-engine content than has yet been shown, this is the episode not to miss.

Have a great weekend all!

Sprinting Along


We’ll be doing our next LiveStream on March 22nd, 2013, where you’ll be able to see at least some of the things discussed in this update in action. Same time as always: 1300 Pacific (UTC – 8)

Development Update:

Last week, we kicked off our new blog and we’ll continue giving more insight into the development process on Planetary Annihilation. As a producer, my own role at Uber is a little unusual, and that’s with 15 years of other companies to compare it against. Everyone here at Uber helps create content that goes into the game and I’m no exception. In addition to community and marketing management, business development, driving our new sprint process, and numerous other things, I’ve been working on the first pass of unit implementation. Producers will often get pulled into creating content, writing code, or whatever their skill sets support, but often only during crunch to fill in for a resource shortfall. Over the years, I’ve done video editing, audio editing, scripting tutorials, and a hundred other things long since forgotten. This is not crunch driven necessity, but something that needs to be done, something I’m excited about doing, so I’m doing it.

As the team has grown, we have been improving our process to aim toward common goals. We currently use a light agile process that helps to keep the team better informed about what everyone else is working on, and makes it much easier to highlight the “next big goal”. Our current focus is toward a first playable build: a build where everyone on the team can launch their client, connect to an in office server, and throw down. All the parts are already there, but having parts does not make a game any more than having a muffler, wheels, engine and car body sitting in your garage makes a car. In the past two sprints, the game has gone from over 10 different test apps plus a client/server shell, to a client server that has first pass user interface that you can click through to start a game, build units, and send them toward your enemies and blow them up.

I’m working on unit blueprints and getting our first pass of units spec’d out, implemented and building/functioning in game. My own background before moving to production was engineering and technical design implementation – script heavy, data heavy implementation of a creative design, so talking with Jon, Mike (Sorian), Elijah, Steve and Andrew we determined the first pass of units we’d need to get to first playable. We have all of the land and air units building. The in game UI for this is up and running thanks to the Coherent Labs UI system implemented by William and David Johnson. Commanders build factories, factory builds fabbers, fabbers and factories then proceed to pump out more units. From there, you can see a functioning metal and energy economy and we start to see how all those systems interact to create awesome scale games. It’s great to see a giant battleship cruising on a planet, with your commander and your recently built base nearby.

We are close to starting daily playtests in the office, and we are very excited for that day to come. Things like the deferred rendering engine have come online, which allows us to do some pretty great things in the rendering pipeline that we hope to show off soon. This is seriously cool stuff, and I could write pages on the amount of work that goes into the technology and gameplay that we’ll be showing off in the months to come. Writing never seems to do it justice so we’ve been trying to show and not tell which we will be able to do more of soon.

We look forward to sharing that with you when we get there, and it’ll happen faster than most of you will believe.

Join in on the conversation here if you have comments, questions, or just want to chat.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Uber LiveStream: March 8th, 2013

Hey everyone,

Just in time for the weekend, here’s the archive of the LiveStream we did today. The overall breakdown is:

  • Outland Games Segment: Start til 52:50
    • Meet the team responsible for Outland Games, and get a 50 minute walk through of game development.
    • It’s not as easy as it looks! 🙂
  • Planetary Annihilation Segment: 52:50 to 1:15:00
    • Reviewing the greybox unit tests and the normal Q&A on the game
  • Bacon Segment: 1:15:00 til end
    • Bacon.

Watch the LiveStream:

Please also take a look at the blog for Outland Games: 30 Weeks of Game Development!

Have a great weekend everyone!