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Alpha Access – Price Drop!

Planetary Annihilation is about to enter the third month of being in the hands of our fans, with just about one month left in our alpha period. In that time, we have already seen the following core features come online since the first alpha build:

  • Windows 64 & 32 bit, Mac OS/X and Linux platforms all playable
  • Increased max game size from 4 players to a max of 10 in team gameplay. This will continue to increase as we build and optimize.
  • Planet Editor and Playable Custom Planets
  • Second commander added, with many more to be viewable and playable in game in the coming months
  • AI – Still a work in progress, but it will continue to grow!
  • First pass of matchmaking system – will continue to grow and evolve as we go
  • More general gameplay improvements than can be easily detailed in what is supposed to be a short update!
  • Significant enhancements to user feedback
  • Wide range of performance improvements, and we’re not even focused on that yet!

The remarkable thing about this list is it only touches on the actual changes in the build since the original alpha build. On the back end, a huge amount of work has been ongoing for reconnaissance, server technology, supporting multiple simultaneous celestial bodies (multi planet wars), and even larger play sessions, with the ultimate goal of 40 person drop in/drop out games that could span days.

With this in mind, and to make it easier to get in to the alpha who have been waiting patiently, we are dropping the price of the Galactic Edition to $70 USD. We are almost two thirds of the way through the alpha period, so we decided to drop two thirds off the alpha premium. This means if you were a beta player and want instant access, you can go our website and upgrade for $10. If you had a retail copy, you can upgrade for $30. Steam Early Access price is also dropping to $70!

The other big announcement is: due to more flexibility with our manufacturing now, we are bringing back the Cosmic Collector’s Edition of PA. It’s the same price as before, and includes all the same bonuses as before, including the collector’s edition box, and we will leave it available for sale for as long as possible. If you bought any other version through us, you can upgrade it the same as before.

We are excited about the current state of the game, and even more excited about the things to come soon. Beta is getting close, and with it, a huge number of new players who will be joining in the war for galactic supremacy, and helping us to mold the next generation of massive scale real time strategy gaming.

Head to http://store.uberent.com now to see the updated pricing, and if you’ve already purchased, login and select the “Upgrade” button to get access now!

Thanks to everyone for your support so far, and make sure to hop on to the forums and join in the conversation!