Most Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Up With [Insert Technical Support Request Here]?

Making sure you have an awesome experience is very important to us, so we have resources for folks encountering technical (and other) issues. Our support web site is a great place to start, and if that doesn’t answer your question contact support directly: support [at] uberent dot com. But, seriously, you should really visit our support web site.

You know, this one.

When Does Planetary Annihilation Release?

Planetary Annihilation was released on September 5, 2014.

How Do I Convert My Game Key To A Steam Key?

Kickstarter backers can convert game keys from the ‘My Keys’ tab on your account.
Select your key and a window should pop up asking if you’d like to convert your key to Steam.
Just enter your code into your Steam client as “Activate a Product on Steam”.
Please make sure your Steam account is linked to your PlayFab account by going here.

For Uber Store purchases, Nordic Retail or Collector’s Edition discs, please contact Support to receive a Steam code.

How Do I Get The Mac Or Linux Version Of The Game?

You can download the Mac or Linux versions of the game directly by logging in here:

How Do I Get Updates On The Game’s Status?

Easy! And convenient! We regularly update this site with huge news. We also post on our Kickstarter page, Steam, and participate on our forums.

We also use Facebook and Twitter to send out hot info, so check us out in those places, too!

I’m An Early Backer On Kickstarter. Where’s My Key?

If you went to ‘My Keys’ on your account and couldn’t see your early backer pledge, it’s probably because your pledge wasn’t finalized. Please contact Support so we can help you with your pledge.

Users who purchased Planetary Annihilation through Steam are not expected to have game keys on their account. Only users who purchased PA through Kickstarter or the Uber store will have game keys listed in their “My Keys” page. This is because with a Steam purchase, Steam itself is responsible for tracking the ownership status of the game, whereas with Uber purchases ownership of the game is tracked by activation key.

Wait, I Need To Edit My E-mail Address! Where Can I Do That?

You can go to ‘My Account’ to edit your email address.

Where Can I Get The Game?

You can purchase Planetary Annihilation on SteamThe Humble Bundle Store, and EA’s Origin store.

Can I stream, publish, and monetize videos of Uber Entertainment’s games (including Planetary Annihilation)?

Yes! Of course. Here’s a web site you can throw into your video, too: 

General Questions

Is There Mod Support?

Yes! We feel this is a fundamental part of the spirit of PA. You can find more information about modding on our Forums here.

Is There A Single-player Campaign?

Not in the traditional sense. Galactic War, a game mode, provides an engaging rogue-like meta-game in which to engage over the course of numerous sessions.

Can the game be played Offline?

Yes! You can fight in Galactic War, skirmish with AI, and play multiplayer over a LAN. To view the system requirements to play offline, check out this support link.

Specifically, What RTS Games Have You Guys Worked On?

Team members have worked on the following games, and many others:

  • Total Annihilation
  • C&C Generals: Zero Hour
  • Supreme Commander
  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.
  • Demigod (MOBA)

System Requirements 

This support link has the information you need.

Early Backing / Kickstarter

I Was An Early Backer, Do I Need To Buy The Game Again To Get The Full Version?

Nope! The version you’re playing now is the version everyone has. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy more copies for friends and family.

When Do I Get My Rewards?

For digital-only backers and all pre-orders, game and soundtrack keys have already been provided and can be found on your account here.

We’re currently shipping the physical rewards and will take a few weeks to mail out all the packages. If there are any questions, please contact Support.

Can I Change My Shipping Address For My Physical Rewards?

While it may be too late to change your shipping address for the upcoming round of shipments, we will take your information for a future delivery.

Please contact Support for more information.

The Pre-orders Included Some Cool Stuff, Like The Theta Commander. Do Early Backers Get That, too?

Every early backer (at the $15 level and up) will receive the Theta Commander as thanks for backing the game early. This is in addition to any other items they’ll be getting at their chosen backing level.

To see which Commanders are available, click here

Does The USB Drive Include Its Own Key?

Short answer: Yes.

If you ordered a USB drive, and were a $90 backer level, you would have two full retail keys – the alpha key, plus the added retail key on the game card shipped with the USB drive. Extrapolate similar examples as you will!

Will The Beta Or Alpha Version Be Updated To The Retail Version?

Yes! Your Alpha and/or Beta key is also your Retail key.


Why Do I Need An Account, And What Do You Collect With A PlayFab Account?

Even though Planetary Annihilation is considered DRM free, to download the game and patch to the latest content, you will need an internet connection and a PlayFab account. The only information we keep about you in your account is what you provide: your username and your e-mail address. If you buy something that requires physical shipping, we store your shipping address as well, but only if you require shipping.