Community/Fan Art

This is a page we’ve been talking about for a while now. A home for the talent of our community and fans to go on display. Before even getting to alpha, we’ve seen some remarkable talent paying homages to the greatness we all know Planetary Annihilation will achieve.

If you have a piece you’d like included on this page, send it to us here, and after review, we’ll add it to the page, including any attribution information and link you want (within reason!). Original submissions only, and they are subject to review. If we don’t feature it here, please still post it on our forums here. If the work does not belong to you, we cannot post it, as we need the artists express permission to include an image and link to the work. Please don’t submit artwork under false pretenses, or we’ll be forced to delete the work from our site, and you will be put on the naughty kids list, and we’ll probably just have to ignore any future mails or posts from you. And that makes everyone sad. 🙁

All featured artwork on this page is property of the artist and used with their permission. If you wish to use it for non-private use, you must contact the artist for permission.

First up, we have the artwork of our friend Equiliari via Facebook.

Next, we have one from our friend thedbp via the Forums.

"Laser Commander" by thedbp

“Laser Commander” by thedbp

Continuing with Commanders, here’s Brian Franco’s via the Forums.

"Mavor Commander" by Brian Franco

“Mavor Commander” by Brian Franco

Red and Ready, here’s one from dietshnurd via the Forums.

"Alpha Assault" by dietshnurd

“Alpha Assault” by dietshnurd

Another from the Forums, here’s balancesheet with a battle cruiser… in SPACE!

"Deep Cruiser" by balancesheet

“Deep Cruiser” by balancesheet

Made with ink + some epic music, here’s Tousansons via the Forums.

"untitled" by tousansons

“untitled” by tousansons

Just a little “quick sketch” from Jamie Macdougall via the Forums.

"GIL-E getting sniped" by Jamie Macdougall

“GIL-E getting sniped” by Jamie Macdougall

Showing off what happens when worlds collide, here’s Ingo Meulepas via the Forums.

"Shattered" - by Ingo Meulepas

“Shattered” – by Ingo Meulepas

A simple, but beautiful piece from Bsport via the Forums.

neonplanet - by bsport

“Neon Planet” – by Bsport