Kickstarter Update: You’ve gotta be shipping me!


You’re shipping me, right??! Is it true, are the rewards on their way??


It’s been a long time coming, but the physical rewards for the Kickstarter and Cosmic Limited Edition backers are finally shipping!! Yes, it’s true – your physical rewards are on their way!

Shipments are going out in waves and may take a few weeks to complete. For some, you might even get yours tonight!

For those that pledged $500 or more to the Kickstarter, we are still waiting for the Commander statue to arrive. Once they’re here, we’ll sign them and ship them out as a separate shipment.

Again, thank you so much for your patience. We apologize for the lengthy delay and hope you enjoy your backer rewards. We really couldn’t have done this without you and hope you know how much You ROCK!

We’re excited to see your faces as you open your rewards! If you record an unboxing video, please let us know! Tag @UberEnt on Twitter and share your video with us on Facebook.


If you have an address change, please let us know what your new shipping address is and we’ll work to have your items shipped in a future delivery.

If there are any questions or issues, please contact us at support [at] uberent [dot] com.