Release Build 80187

We continue pushing on our save/load work, which as a big addition to the game is taking a while, but we are glad to now have added in first pass for local Galactic War save/load! We’ve also added AI improvements, Commander economy adjustments, Pathfinding improvements, and fixes for the “Lost connection to server” issues we had reported to us in Galactic War. If you find yourself getting these issues still, please contact so we can try to track down the repro to fix it! Thanks, and enjoy 🙂

Build 80187 4/07/15


– Build Arm Energy Demand decreased to 1750 from 2000


– Fix for known Galactic War issue: lost connection to server
– Updated AI neural net data
– AI pathing improvements
– General unit pathing improvements
– Fix for chronocam vision after game has ended
– Fix for save game filenames
– Fix dynamic alliance
– Updated AI land neural net data
– Updated AI air neural net data
– Fix to how AI expands to other planets
– Fix for units not being able to assist factories building submarines
– Fix for AI build items that do not require either energy or metal
– Fix for AI economy calculation with teleporters
– Local Galactic War save/load (first pass, will only work on local games, not playfab)
Start a new, local Galactic War and play
Select ESC to bring up menu options
Select Save Game (Beta) and Yes to save game
Select Quit to surrender and exit to the desktop (Abandon War will not work to save game)
When you return to Galactic War, your game will be listed under the Active Wars tab
Select your game and Go To War
An option to either Restart or Continue your saved game will be available​