Mid-Month Bugfix and Polish pass

Release Build 78071

Tank Commanders
-Turn In Place set to False

Unit Cannon
-Health increased to 9000 from 3000

-Surface and Air Radar range decreased to 400 from 600
-Orbital Radar removed
-Orbital Sight range increased to 500 from 300

Advanced Radar
-Metal Cost decreased to 2400 from 4800
-Energy Draw decreased to 4000 from 4500
-Surface and Air Radar range decreased to 800 from 1200
-Orbital Radar removed
-Orbital Sight range increased to 900 from 300

Orbital Deepspace Radar
-Orbital Sight range increased to 500 from 300

Radar Satellite (ARKYD)
-Energy Draw increased to 700 from 300
-Orbital Radar removed
-Orbital Sight range increased to 600 from 100

Advanced Radar Satellite
-Orbital Radar removed
-Orbital Sight range increased to 1200 from 600

Ion Defense (Umbrella)
-Surface and Air Sight range decreased to 100 from 260
-Underwater Sight range decreased to 100 from 260
-Orbital Sight range increased to 300 from 260
-Orbital Range increased to 300 from 280
-Orbital Rate of Fire increased to 2.5 from 2.0

Defense Satellite (Anchor)
-Terrestrial Laser Range decreased to 100 from 120
-Orbital Laser Rate of Fire decreased to 2.5 from 3.0

Orbital Laser (SXX)
-Laser is now a Beam weapon
-Ammo Capacity increased to 12000 from 6000
-Ammo Per Shot increased to 12000 from 6000

-Mines can now only be seen by Combat Fabricators and Advanced Combat Fabricators

-Observable layer set to Mine from Surface and Air
-Ignore Sight set to False

Combat Fabricator
-Set Mine Sight range to 100

Advanced Combat Fabricator
-Set Mine Sight range to 100

Land Scout (Skitter)
– Added Mine Sight vision layer
– Mine Sight set to 200

Combat Fabricator
– Energy Draw set to 800

Advanced Combat Fabricator
– Energy Draw set to 2000

Bug fix/Polish
– Planet smash work
— Craters are now unpathable by naval or land (whether there is water in them or not)
— Units will no longer float above the crater as if it were not there
— Planets smashing into others will now kill units as they are intended to do
– UI: HUD: Added control groups, ability to sub-select within control groups
– UI: HUD: Added controls to select idle fabbers/factories
– UI: HUD: Added quick select buttons based on unit category (bot, land, air, etc.)
– UI: HUD: Updated unit selection display to show total units selected, and allow for sub-selection based on unit category
– Improvements to physics update performance
– Improvements to Navigation performance
– Performance work on voxels
– Improvements on log handling for underwater units
– Updated AI to handle building on islands smarter
– Unit groups of different movement types will now try to stay together
— Unit groups will be split based on Land, Water, and Air/Orbital movement.
– Fix for units getting stuck when pathed or pushed into invalid terrain.
– Fix for units failing to path when given a move order while bordering invalid terrain.
– Improvements on units spinning around when reaching goal
– More improvements on AI not heading to where it knows it will be destroyed
– Improvements on units avoiding running into walls
– Fix for a SimPlanet crash
– Minor update to Anchor ground laser effect
– Changing SXX attack to a beam
– Tweaks on server clean up
– Fix for an invalid replay loading issue
– Crash fixes
– Normal AI and Hard AI are now easier
– Adjustments to how landing zones are handled in the system editor
– You can now confirm live game popups using the enter key
– Mouse scrolling will now only work on the panel you are focused on
– Fixes for some Steam Achievement bugs
– Changed the default minimum radius from 100 to 250
— This only affects new planets created in the system editor
– AI won’t transport commanders in an orbital lander anymore
– Control group UI will now scale to number of units selected
– Art pass on Idle buttons
– Planet smashes no longer deal damage way outside of crater range
– Air units will no longer attempt to hover below the normal ground height
– Air units will no longer land on unpathable terrain
– Bug fix for editor lighting issue on high height range planets
– Selection UI will no longer show type filters if there is only one type
– Quick select “All” buttons will no longer select fabbers unless it’s the fabber button
– Fixed issues of select all advanced button selecting fabbers
– Idle fabber/factory button now selects all target units on screen with single click, and all target units on planet with double click
– You can now track a control group by double clicking
– Fix for game resetting to FFA when you select a planet
– Fix for game crashing on 11+ player games
– Factory’s given rally/move/patrol points will still be idle if idle
– Improvements on AI when making attack choices
– Fixed a few instances of Join Game button not working