Update on Kickstarter and Cosmic Limited Edition Fulfillment

We have not shipped the physical rewards yet as some of the items are still in production.

Items have been ordered, but many are still in production. We are as excited to get these as you are, and will be sending them out as soon as they are finished being made and in our hands!

We sent out a notification to confirm configurable items and shipping address to prepare for fulfillment. With this information, we’ve been able to calculate the precise number of shirts to order and in what size and style. (BTW, these shirts will be Awesome!)

We also have lots to sign! Posters, game boxes, and art books, Oh my!

We have the game boxes and art books in the warehouse and should have the poster done soon. When everything is ready, we’ll get to work signing over 2,000 individual items. (Whoa!  Over 2,000 individual items?!)

When can we ship?

Once all the items are in our warehouse, we’ll start packing them up and shipping them out.

We are unfortunately tied to waiting on manufacturers to finish production, but will post updates of this fulfillment process to Kickstarter and our website here: http://www.uberent.com/pa/news/

To see what items you’ll be receiving, just go to ‘My Account’ (https://store.uberent.com/Account/MyAccount) and select your pledge or Cosmic order. A detailed list of items for this order will be displayed.

Here’s a Sneak Preview of the Commander statue!


Invictus statue without its paint. Brrr, is it chilly in here?