Uber Weekly Update – July 21, 2014


There’s a new kind of excitement worming its way through the studio, its warm tendrils slowly latching on to every single member of the team. We’re embracing the embrace; in the last few days, we’ve finalized our plans for the release of Planetary Annihilation and we’re giddily hacking away at what we need to do in order to deliver the polished, refined, and streamlined 1.0 version of the game on our own schedule.

From top to bottom, the 1.0 release of Planetary Annihilation will run leaner, faster, and look better. Our crew of engineers and programmers are pushing hard to improve the overall user experience by making the client and server run more smoothly. Take a trip to our office and you’ll hear the steady clack of keyboards, as brave coders clean blemishes and chew away at technical debt.

In the last couple of PTE builds, you’ve witnessed some of their work in making the game faster. You’ve also probably noticed extensive graphical and user interface improvements. New and more stunning particle effects are breathing a whole new life into Commander and nuclear explosions. New game screens and various menus have also been introduced.

The 1.0 release will also hit digital and store shelves with new features and mechanics, one of which is available. In our GiantBomb interview, we mentioned we really liked the idea of allowing you to spawn anywhere on a map instead of in a pre-selected spot. This is now in the game. We like what it brings to the table: spawning wherever brings a new kind of swagger, a new kind of intensity that foreshadows the sprawling, massive battles that Planetary Annihilation is all about.

What’s “Finished,” Really?


What’s finished anyway? It’s a question Jon Mavor brings up a lot when we talk about the 1.0 build. In a lot of ways, we see 1.0 as just the beginning of the story: a rocking sentence that hooks you for an entire novel. We plan to support PA for a long time, creating new content as quickly as possible to keep the action interesting. Sometimes, when we daydream at our desks, we think about all the new things we can bring to the game after this push.

So, all this is to say that 1.0 is coming, but that doesn’t mean we’re “done.” It’s just the beginning — and we can’t wait to take you on the ride.

Toy Rush Content Update


Did you know? Our mobile title, Toy Rush [Free], received a massive content update earlier this month. Around the office, we’ve been calling it the “League Update.” As you can imagine, it rolls in the concept of leagues to the game. As you play and smash players’ bases to bits, you receive medals. These medals, in turn, place you higher and higher up ladders. Want to be the best? Prove it. And, now, show it.

We also introduced two new cards into the game to flesh out battle a bit more. The Block Totem is a really useful new defensive item that blocks the use of action cards. It also heals nearby towers, fortifying your defenses even more.

Our other new card? It’s called The Focus Fire card. With it, you can instruct every toy in play to fire on a specific target. Have a tower that’s been causing you problems? Get this card, set your target, and watch it burn under a delicious onslaught.

We’re working on another update to Toy Rush, too, which will bring some more challenges, bug fixes, and niftier options to the table.

And Now For Some Questions


Where are my rewards?

We appreciate the continued patience. After launch, we’ll get your backer rewards out to you. I just saw the t-shirts the other day; they look incredible. Prepare yourselves!

Will we see more livestreams in the future?

Absolutely. We’re moving offices soon and plan to add a few new treats to the set.

I see you guys are working on some fantastic effects, specially explosions. Are there plans to make a planet deteriorate the longer war goes on? Just to give a few examples, nukes changing atmosphere color and perhaps deforming the terrain slowly or planet smashes transforming planets into molten lava planets.

Just passed this one by Ben. His eyes lit up. I assume he’s rubbing his hands together, thinking about the possibilities.

When will we see leaderboards and matchmaking?

This is a post-1.0 kind of thing. We’d love to add ladders, matchmaking, a ranking system — basically everything you need to play Planetary Annihilation competitively.