Cloak And Danger Starts Tomorrow, Get In Now


On June 11, at 11AM Pacific time, 16 of the best Planetary Annihilation players will be squaring off in a legendary free-for-all tournament full of tricks, intrigue, and maybe even a little treachery.

And there’s one more open spot.

The time for Cloak and Danger is close, folks! But, we’d figure we throw a monkeywrench into the works right before kick-off. After all, what’s a tournament about backstabbing without a pre-game surprise?

We’re offering up the last spot in Cloak and Danger to someone reading this. The catch? If you want this spot, you’ll have to give us the next name for the T1 tank. Head over to this message board thread and reply with your name. At the end of the day today, we will pull the best name and award that player an invite to the tournament.

Don’t forget to catch the first four games in Cloak and Danger tomorrow at 11AM Pacific on our Twitch.TV page. Adam and ZaphodX will kick off the event, discuss the matches, and show all of the high-octane action. Be there!