Planetary Annihilation: Early Access Edition Hits Retail!


We’ve got a special announcement to share today: Planetary Annihilation is now available in stores across the world.

As part of our partnership with Nordic Games, we’ve released a boxed version of the game called Planetary Annihilation: Early Access Edition. In stores now, Early Access Edition offers all the content the current digital version has, but delivered in a way that fans who prefer the brick-and-mortar experience can enjoy.

Owners of Early Access Edition will receive free updates and eventually will receive the game’s “full” update when Planetary Annihilation releases later this year. The new pack-in Armalisk Commander is pretty cool, too.

Fans around the globe have expressed interest in a boxed version of our work-in-progress title. Whether it’s because they prefer having something physical to go along with their purchases or they enjoy the perks of retail, we’re happy to get this out to them.

And now for a bit of Q&A:

Where’s my game box or USB key?

We’ll be getting these out to you after Planetary Annihilation ships this year. Thanks a ton for your patience, and we think you’re going to love the packaging.

Wait, what’s the release date?

We’re close. Planetary Annihilation launches in 2014.

Can people also order this box online?

Yep! Check out Amazon!