The Galactic War Begins!


We’re so, so stoked to say this: today, we’re releasing the first iteration of Galactic War, Planetary Annihilation’s single-player experience. Available now as a free update, Galactic War tasks you with taking over a dynamic galaxy by scouring the stars for tech and special perks.

In Galactic War, you’ll be placed in control of a reawakened Commander with access to a limited tech tree. As you explore and battle across the galaxy’s procedurally generated systems, you’ll collect random technology and find perks that boost your manufacturing and fighting capabilities.

We designed Galactic War to be replayable, and for every playthrough to feel different. We also want you to decide the scale and intensity: each of Galactic War’s sizes change how many systems are in the galaxy and introduce different loadouts.

And the pressure’s on. Annihilation is final.

This is the start of Galactic War . Much like with the game as a whole, you can expect updates that will add new features, mechanics, and more.

Get out there, already — and experience Galactic War over and over and over again.