Weekly Update: Calm Before The Storm


Beautiful, isn’t it? Planetary Annihilation is a game about explosions, conquering, and asteroids on terrifying collision courses. The game takes everything to the next level: army sizes, map sizes, commands, you name it and it’s jacked up to 11. Because of this, you also get these kinds of scenes. Scenes that seem so small and serene in comparison.

One of the many things Steve did last week was capture new screenshots. Steve has an eye for capturing the smaller moments that, in combination with each other, make this such a big game. It’s been fun to share some of these, and we’ll continue to do so.

What’s a Big Rock Again?


There’s been a little discussion on our forums about what a “Big Rock Feature” actually is. It isn’t a play on words. Rather, it’s just our own lingo for an important feature that will add significant value to Planetary Annihilation. Fire was a big rock feature. The planet smash was a big rock feature. Galactic War is a big rock feature. And so on.

Big rock features make the game better in a variety of ways. With fire, we gave players a more dynamic world  to play with, as well as introduced some interesting spawn choices. With the planet smash, we added the game’s most epic moment. Other big rocks planned will offer new game modes or expand on our game’s mechanics.

Fleet Of Finger


In other game news, another artist on the team has been busy redesigning how we handle hotkeys. Part of this pass is actually visualizing them in the game — and maybe even fiddling with the UI so players can more easily take advantage of them. We know that being able to quickly select buildings and create units is important to high-level play, and we’re going to support it better very soon (TM).

And Now For Some E-Mails


When will the physical goods be produced and shipped to early backers?

Most of the physical goods are currently in production. We’ll ship them after game launch. Hope that helps!

I noticed that your most recent guesstimate on release date was sometime early 2014. As we are now in mid-2014, I was curious about a new guesstimate. I realize, and respect, your desire to only release when it is complete. I’m just looking for a guess, not some hard date. Are you thinking late 2014? Early 2015?

We love it when two questions roll into each other so nicely! We still plan for the game to be feature complete in 2014, but we’re not releasing a 1.0 build until the game’s done. Thanks! And sorry we can’t give you even a rough date. 🙁

Are there going to be different races or factions someday?

Who knows! We’ve certainly thrown around the idea at the office. It’s a thing we’d like to do post-launch.

Sorry for the short update this week. It’s been pretty busy, as we finish up the game’s Next Big Thing. We’ll have more details later — and you won’t want to miss the announcement.

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