Announcing Battle of the Beasts, Our First Official Tournament


A handful of the BEASTLIEST teams in Planetary Annihilation are about to square off for eternal glory — and an epic prize.

Uber Entertainment is excited to announce BATTLE OF THE BEASTS, its first ever official tournament for Planetary Annihilation. Taking place March 28 at 11AM Pacific time, Battle of the Beasts is an eight team, doubles-style tournament where the winning team will walk away with a unique (and beastly) custom commander. Also, glory.

The entire tournament will be hosted by ZaphodX and his co-host, our own metabolical. To catch the action, follow and stay up with ZaphodX’s Twitch page on March 28. The Battle of the Beast official page will be broadcasting the event, too — and posting archives of the action as it goes down.

And who are these SPACE WARRIORS about to give everything for your amusement and their own eternal glory? We announced the eight teams and their seeds on this video:

You can get a text-based version of these rosters on the official BOB blog. We’ve alsolisted the rules in a post as well.

Excited? We are, too. Stay up to date on the tournament by visiting the BOB page. Also, jump into the discussion on our forums! This is a really unique opportunity for us and our competitors, so we’re dedicated to putting on an awesome show. See you there!