Lore Update: Faction #4 Reveal


Back, back, back before we unveiled the Gamma version of Planetary Annihilation and all of its exciting features, we introduced you to the third faction in the game’s lore. As decided by all of you, this faction’s name is The Synchronous. Its fiery leader’s name? Metrarch the Machinist.

Today, we’d like to debut the fourth, and final of the known faction’s, lore. This group is called “The Revenants” and they’re led by Commander Osiris — a quad-Commander that’s already playable in the game.

Osiris leads with an iron fist and believes that it gifts rebirth to conquered worlds. This leader sees other machines, despite having assimilated technology, as flawed and pitiful things. Osiris is on an eternal search for perfection.

Our writer Matthew Kehm introduces you to The Revenants and Osiris with this short story:

ATDZ: 373

Sector 22.5.8

19…. 18…. 17…. They were coming. From a high ridge Commander Osiris scanned the horizon for any sign of them. His forward scouts had reported they were on the move towards his position. All there was to do now was wait.

16…. 15…. 14…. No sign of them yet. Scouts continued to report that Legonis troops were advancing, hundreds of them. Osiris quickly relayed orders to his forces. Forward units of Legonis Machina would hit their positions within minutes. Be prepared.

13…. 12…. 11….There they were. The vanguard of the enemy army was just appearing over the horizon. Osiris ordered his long range artillery to commence firing. A fair distance behind him, Osiris could hear the unmistakable thuds as his artillery began firing their high explosive rounds.

10…. 9…. 8…. On they came. Across the rusty red landscape of the asteroid, the enemy advanced toward Osiris. They knew he was the key to victory. If he was destroyed it was all but assured. Osiris counted on this. Brilliant flashes began erupting among the Legonis units, which he could now see were light scout vehicles. Nearly a third of them were instantly vaporized as neutronium shells hit their marks. Still they advanced.

7…. 6…. 5…. The cannons stopped. The tanks were now passing the outer markers. With a signal, Osiris ordered his bombers to make their run. Almost instantly they appeared in the sky to the west, roaring towards their targets. As they began releasing ordinance, another wave of enemies crested the horizon and began to advance behind the vanguard. This was the main Legonis force, comprised of heavy assault tanks and fighter-bombers. Osiris spotted their leader among them as well, Commander Flavius.

4…. 3…. 2…. Hundreds of scouts were now burning wrecks as the bombers devastated their ranks.

Osiris watched as his bombers banked to the southeast and fled the approaching enemy fighters which turned to give chase. Squadrons of interceptors were waiting to welcome their guests on the far side of the asteroid. Had Flavius learned nothing?

1…. 0…. Just as the first Imperator tanks reached maximum range and began to fire on Osiris, the ground began to shake and the massive roar of an explosion penetrated the surface just below the approaching Legonis Machina forces. Almost instantly the tanks, along with Commander Flavius, disappeared in a cloud of red dust.

As the dust cleared, a crater, several miles in diameter now sat where there had been rocky plain seconds earlier. Osiris scanned the crater for any signs of activity and registered only a handful of tanks still operational. Commander Flavius on the other hand was fully functional and beginning to dig his way out. The underground nuke detonation had worked as planned. With himself as the bait, Osiris knew Flavius couldn’t resist the temptation to destroy him.

Osiris reflected back on the numerous worlds he had conquered. Countless battles that had been fought, fought against other machines. Flawed machines all, having spurned the gift of rebirth that he offered. Only through their deaths could they be made whole once again; made better.

The search would go on. Somewhere in the vast reaches of the universe he knew he would find what he sought. Somewhere out there he would find that which was free of imperfections. Could it be the Progenitors? He vowed to never stop searching until they were found. Perhaps they held the answers he sought. Until that time, he would continue to create new from the remains of the old, and in turn find a cure to his own imperfections, his own flaws. When that day came, he would pass on this gift to others. Only then would all of machinekind reach its true potential….

Turning his attention back to the task at hand, Osiris gave a final signal. Attack bots and crawlers swarmed into the crater and set to work. Legonis units that were still functioning and able to resist would be dealt with quickly by the bots; torn apart and hauled off by the crawlers. Their remains would be sent to reprocessing stations where they would be used to create entirely new machines of war. The real prize however was Commander Flavius. Scores would be lost in attempt to subdue him, but in the end it would all be worth it. Nothing else mattered to Osiris.

The whole operation had been for the sole purpose of capturing Flavius intact. He would be disassembled down to his memory core and reconstructed using only the finest parts available from other defeated Commanders. Once completed, he would be superior to what he once was. It was another step on the long road ahead.

Commander Flavius of Legonis Machina was dead and buried.

Commander Thanatos the Revenant would rise to take his place.

Thanks for all the support, enthusiasm, and participation as we revealed each of our lore’s four factions. You had a direct hand in the process and we’re glad you pitched in.

Next week, we’ll be releasing a summary of sorts that lays out where the game takes place and what has transpired in the universe. We’ll see you then!