Here’s Today’s Planetary Annihilation Gamma Livestream!


If you couldn’t join us for our livestream this afternoon (or just want to relive its amazingness), don’t worry; we’ve got your back. An archived version is available just below for your viewing pleasure.

On the stream, we discussed how much Planetary Annihilation has grown since alpha and beta. Later, we switch gears and discussed gamma. After that, Planetary Annihilation’s art mastermind, Steve, sits down to talk about all the new Commanders we’ve added. The show closes with a brief Q&A.

[If you’re having problems viewing this video, click the YouTube button and watch it there!]

Don’t forget that we’re streaming tomorrow, February 28, at 10AM PST until 9PM PST. We will be playing the game all day with you and with each other. Stop in! Say hi! Or you can smash planets with us, if that’s more your thing. See you tomorrow!