Lore Update: New Faction Name Poll!


Hi, all! Our second lore reveal generated quite a bit of discussion, especially on the subject on the Commander’s name and overall faction’s name. While both polls had clear victors, a lot of you suggested tweaks or changes in creative direction.

With all the feedback and comments in mind, we made a big decision: the faction leader’s name will be Inquisitor Nemicus. That’s a combination between the name that won the poll and the name those discussing the names liked the most. We believe it’s a powerful, and more importantly, a fitting name for this Commander.

Faction name, on the other hand, generated a lot of different opinions. You liked The Enlightened, but seemed to agree that it lacked a bit of oomph. In a sub-poll, Followers of the Foundry grabbed the most votes, but still folks seemed just a tad unsatisfied.

We want to offer you the best options. So, today, and through the rest of this week, we are running another poll for faction names. We’ve got quite a few new ones mixed in with the ones that performed the best in our previous polls. Here’s the list:

  • Temple of the First
  • Followers of the Founder
  • Army of the Creator
  • The Enlightened
  • The Foundation
  • Knights of the Faith
  • The Adherents
  • Disciples of the Founder

If you’d like to be heard on this, just head back over to our Backers-exclusive forum and vote! Here’s a link to this faction’s background information, too, in case you need a refresher.

We’ll count the votes again and move from there. Thanks for the support, the feedback, and all the ideas. You guys rock.