New Update! Raptor Commander! HDR! And More!


A new Commander! Nastier AI! Cheaper engines! The latest update to Planetary Annihilation adds a ton of new features. Also, we’ve included a lot of cool optimizations and tweaks, in addition to balance changes. There’s a lot in this thing.

We’ve listed the full patch notes in our forums and the client. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve dropped in the latest build, though:

  • Support for HDR, FSAA, and Resolution Scaling – Like visuals? Great! If you want to pump up the visual volume on the game, you’ll need to turn these options on in the Settings.
  • Raptor Commander – You saw this guy during the livestream, right? Raptor Commander is a brand new Commander rig. Choose him before a match by clicking on the Commander profile picture.
  • Tutorial – Now players can view a little tutorial by us off of the main menu. This is a work-in-progress, as it’ll be updated and enhanced down the line.
  • Smarter AI – The AI is now even more evil. Oh! It can also launch nukes. Have fun with that.
  • Cheaper Delta V Engines – This is one of the many balance changes we’ve made. Basically, Delta V Engines are now a 1/3 cheaper than what they were. Have fun smashing planets!

Enjoy! And look forward to more many more updates in the near future.