Planetary Annihilation Alpha: Water Bases, AI, And More


Beta is a word we’ve been throwing around a lot in the office this week, as PA continues its march towards … well, beta. We’re all glued to our computer screens and clacking away at our keyboards furiously, shaping the new features and tweaks you’ll see in the new version of the game. Tentatively, we’re aiming to release in a couple of weeks, and we can’t wait for all of you to get your hands on it (and smash a few planets)!

We’ve also been working on the Alpha version of the game. And actually, we pushed out a really neat update to it just yesterday. As always, we’ve posted the full patch notes in the game and in our forums, but here’s some of the meatier additions:

  • Smarter AI: Smart, solid, and strong AI is a priority and we’re continuing to shape up the Alpha version of our AI. This latest update, in fact, makes said AI even more devilish — and the AI now expands much faster. Also, interestingly, the AI takes better advantage of the CPU, making its performance footprint smaller.
  • Naval And Water Planets: Boats no longer leave bases sideways (even though that was kinda cool), and more importantly, now you can build your bases on all-water planets — anti-air, metal, energy, air, and other structures can now be built on water.
  • Nukes: We’ve been continually iterating on the nukes and specifically fixing some of problems some users have experienced with them not hitting. Neat!
  • Optimizations and Tweaks: We’ve resolved the Intel HD 2000 / 3000 issue, as well as a couple of client-side issues. If this is you, just update the client, and you should be OK to continue blowing stuff up. Keep rolling, Commanders.

As always, we appreciate the support and the feedback. Feel free to drop us a line.