Planetary Annihilation Alpha Weekend One

We had a pretty amazing first weekend of alpha for Planetary Annihilation. Since the first few keys started trickling out last Wednesday, til early on Saturday when every current key had been sent out, we saw over 7000 people connect to the servers and play at least one game! In addition to seeing a majority of our Alpha players connect, we also got a number of updates pushed over the end of last week and through the weekend.

We’re already hard at work getting the next set of features, fixes and updates ready to go, and we expect we’ll have a similarly impressive list of new things in the game by this time next week! It’s been a great start to alpha, and we expect it to just get better from here.

Just to give a snapshot of the updates done so far, here’s a selection of our build notes from the past week. Bug fixes, some new features, etc. We actually clamped down heavily on new features going in at first to keep stability as high as possible, and still had a very sizable list of changes over the course of about five days.

Build Notes 49034 through 49186:

  • Fixed approximately 10 different potential server crashes since day one of Alpha
  • Improved pathing near structures
  • Wreckage should no longer leave behind invisible pathing obstructions
  • Moving in and out of water much improved. Currently non-amphibious units can move through water, but it’s a step in the right direction.
  • MATCHMAKING! After you’ve played a solo game or two, please use this as the fastest way to get some games going with new people!
  • Client has been given its proper name and has an icon!
  • Bombers should no longer land and spread out during an attack, or hover over targets
  • Build icon placement changed
  • New unit icons for the build menu – more consistent style
  • In-game chat now works! Lobby chat now works better!
  • Radar blips now look like blips
  • Settings work: if you’re having performance problems, turn down or off shadows and virtual texturing first.
  • Graphics options pre-sets should work as expected now
  • Feedback when player is waiting for other players to join
  • Chat working in lobby now
  • Improved available game filters
  • Access to European servers
  • Fix for features on ATI
  • UI should always reappear after resize in the front end and lobby
  • Updated unit build icons
  • Strat icon updates for AA bot, T2 mex, T2 radar
  • Assisting and dodging improvements
  • Unit details popup UI added to game
  • You can no longer select enemy units and control them

A host of balance changes already, though this is still very preliminary as we get a feel for how people are playing:

  • Mortar shells shouldn’t disappear before they have a chance of hitting their target
  • Different firing style for Advanced Assault Bots
  • Adjusted firing style, damage and splash for T2 artillery bot, the “Stomper”
  • T2 Energy Plant cost increased
  • More T2 metal, cheaper storage
  • Missile turret range reduced, destroyers and frigates range increased
  • Slower turn rate on boats, increased build cost
  • Increased T1 energy production
  • Destroyer damage increased
  • Additional Artillery Balance
  • Commanders will no longer insta heal
  • Reduced turret health across the board
  • Reduced air unit HP and anti-air weapon damage
  • Reduced turn rate of all laser turret



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