Alpha Rollout Started

As is clear from the buzz around twitter, reddit, our forums, and elsewhere, people already know the alpha is starting to get out to people. We started sending out the first batch of keys on Wednesday morning in Seattle, and we have sent out a total of 1600 or so. We will be sending out another batch tonight hopefully, and if all goes well, the final keys should hit mailboxes tomorrow!

With that in mind, we have decided to delay our official Steam launch til June 13th! This gives the early backers and pre-orders a little more time to get to know the current state of the game, allow us more time to iterate on the build, and just overall get this awesome experiment called Planetary Annihilation really moving! Even if you want to play on Steam and are part of the alpha, you can hop in as soon as you get your key, and once we have the Steam key exchange ready, you can convert your key then! If you’re eager to get in the alpha as quickly as possible, please go to and you’ll be activated on the alpha very soon! Remember, this is only for the Galactic and Cosmic editions of the game. Warfare and Combat editions have different access dates. Please see the FAQ for more details.

We appreciate your patience and your understanding as we’ve been rolling this Alpha out, and we look forward to playing the game with you!

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