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Well, it appears to be a week of writeups by some great gaming websites. First, on Wednesday afternoon, Rock, Paper Shotgun had the following to say:

Biomes! Double Craters! Height ranges! I apologise for shouting! This is totally cool, even for someone as RTS-unsavvy as I am. The Planetary Annihilation developers are very serious about the planets that make up the game’s maps, and have created the longest video ever to show you all the attributes players will have control over when they make their own planets.

You should read their full write up here:

Next, the kind folks at PC Gamer followed up, taking the lead from RPS:

Planetary Annihilation creators Uber recently ran fans through the tools they’re using to develop the Kickstarter funded RTS. While the resulting hour-long video doesn’t feature any footage from the actual game, it’s full of in-engine insights into how the team’s tools are helping them build what looks to be a cleverly thought out strategy. Also: constant, slightly hilarious, iris wipe transitions. At least it wasn’t star wipes.

And their full write up is here:

Thanks to both for the nice nods to our LiveStream. Clearly, we’re always uncertain how talks that technical will go over in the community, but all the comments on the YouTube stream, on the articles, our forums, and on social media have been overwhelmingly positive. We know it is pretty unheard of for a team to go into this level of detail this early in development and we’re excited to be able to show these elements of our development.

Til next week, and we hope we see you on the forums!

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