March 22nd LiveStream

If you were unable to join us yesterday during the LiveStream, it’s up on YouTube now.

Segment 1: Jon Mavor and Kevin Francis talk about planet generation and the deferred rendering engine. In-engine demo.

Segment 2 (00:24:15) Jon and Elijah Emerson talk about the navigation, and flow fields. In engine demo.

You can watch here:

During this LiveStream, Jon and Kevin go into detail showing off the latest iteration of the planet generator, some of the new rendering techniques and art concepts that have gone into not only creating awesome looking planets, but also to show what they’ll look like once asteroids start hitting them. Not to be missed if you have dreams of sending 5 synchronized meteors flying at your enemies.

Next, Jon and Elijah discuss flow field pathing using an in engine test bed that pushes the navigation system and units as hard as possible.

The full show is almost an hour long, and most of it is spent with the planet editor and nav tests up and running. If you want a chance to see more in-engine content than has yet been shown, this is the episode not to miss.

Have a great weekend all!