A Tabletop Scale VR Simulation

Survive the Jurassic Frontier

Dino Frontier lets you build and manage a frontier settlement in a world where the wild west and Jurassic collide. You assume the role of Big Mayor overlooking your settlement in tabletop scale VR. You must carefully balance resources while growing your town. Wild dinosaurs roam the land acting as both dangerous foe and tantalizing asset.



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What is Dino Frontier?

Dino Frontier is a virtual reality simulation where players assume the role of Big Mayor. They must carefully balance resources while growing their town. Wild Dinosaurs roam the land acting as both dangerous foe and tantalizing asset.

 What’s the gameplay like?

Dino Frontier begins with the player looking down at a western frontier on a tabletop in virtual reality. The play space is fixed in scale. A hazy border exists at the table’s edge.  A Settler mills around near a dirt road. Their wagon is broken down. The triceratops that pulls it lays deceased.  Using motion controllers and “God hands” the player picks up and drops Settlers. They assign a Settler to a hot spot to build camp.  With no starting resources the player assigns Settlers to harvest the wagon for lumber and the deceased triceratops for food. With fresh supplies the camp woodpile is upgraded into a lumberyard.  Settlers are individuals with unique stats. Different stats make them better suited for different jobs. Some Settlers are assigned to forage for berries. Others to chop wood.  When enough wood is gathered the Saloon is built. The Saloon is the centerpiece of any good frontier settlement.

With each activity, you as Big Mayor levels up and attracts new Settlers to town, growing the total population. Your Settlers will also level up over time.  Outside of town lies danger. There are no bison or horses in Dino Frontier. The landscape is roamed by raptors, ankys, gallis, and of course the mighty t-rex.  A foraging Settler wanders far from town. He’s attacked by a pack of roaming raptors. But he’s not killed; he’s incapacitated. The player picks up the incapacitated Settler and drops him off at the medical station. The Settler will recover and return to work after some amount of time.

The player builds a hunting shack to get access to better weapons. Deer-like galli are hunted for food.  Settlers are taken to the training area. They level up their fighting skills. The player puts down a raptor lure outside of town. An improved hunting party traps a raptor. The players drops the raptor into a dino pen along with a settler to train it. Once the raptor is trained and saddled, settlers can ride it.  A random encounter thwarts the player’s upward progress. Bandits raid town stealing resources and shooting settlers. They player responds by building a sheriff station and choosing a Settler to serve as sheriff.  The bandits raid again and there is a pistol duel in the streets. The sheriff wins. The remaining bandits run out of town.

All this and more happens out on the Dino Frontier.

 When will I be able to play it?

Dino Frontier will be out on August 1st on PlayStation VR and requires two Move controllers for interaction.  It is available now for pre-order with a 20% discount