The Game

Toy Rush is a multiplayer-focused tower defense game (with a collectible card twist!) starring a cast of lovable, lively, and charismatic beasts, robots, and plush toys. Toy Rush will launch globally across the App Store on Thursday, May 15.

Crush Your Opposition With Cute Stuff!

Assemble your army and take down a friend or random player’s base via online-play. Just slap down your cards and watch the adorable characters spring to life on a 3D battlefield. If you win, you steal some of opponent’s resources, adding them to your own (hopefully huge) pile.

Design And Create Your Own Base!

Ever wanted to make your own base in a TD game? Toy Rush lets you do that — in a fun and innovative way. Build your own bases, create your own pathways, and put down your own turrets and traps in order to stop your friends from a successful invasion. Rubber band guns, sticky gum, ray guns, and more unique weapons are all at your disposal.

Collect Cards!

As you collect resources, you’ll be able to buy and open packs of cards, each of which comes with an assortment of defensive items, as well as colorful characters to take the fight to your friends. Smooth, real-world-like animation and rendering makes you feel like you’re playing with actual cards, too. It’s a neat touch!


Get Super Charged!

If you’re lucky, you’ll get one of the game’s Super Toys, an infinite use troop with massive damage potential.