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We’ve Been Busy …


Hey everyone, it’s been a bit of time since we last checked in here on the blog and we’d like to give you an update about what we’ve been up to. TOY RUSH IS NOW AVAILABLE ON ANDROID! Complete with Google Play Games integration, cross-platform syncing, and up-to-date features with the iOS version, Toy Rush is available as a free download on Google Play.

If you’ve been with us since the release on iOS and you also have an Android device, you can play on both without losing any progress. Simply link your Toy Rush account with Facebook or Playfab and login on yourAndroid device. All of your progress will be synced seamlessly, so you can hop back and forth anytime.

Coinciding with our release on Android was the implementation of a new help system for support. Now you can reach us directly within the game where we can help you with any issues or simply answer questions you might have! Head to the Settings menu and you’ll see a “Get Help” button that will put you in touch with us.

Lastly, we pushed an update to iOS including a brand new Pirate theme, the ability to gift cards to your club members, and a card limit with other game balancing changes to make you think about your battles a bit more strategically. Strategy games are what we excel in, after all!

Moving ahead we will continue gathering your feedback and packing the game with new updates and optimizations. We look forward to hearing from you on Facebook, Twitter, or the forums! <3

Toy Rush “League” Update Available Now


Hey everyone! The first content update to Toy Rush is now available!

Dubbed the “League” Update, the biggest new feature of this update is, well, uh, leagues! After defeating other players, you’ll now receive medals. As you get more medals, you’ll rank higher and higher up. Leagues are another badge of pride as you climb the leaderboards and they award bonus Tickets for each win.

Two new cards have also entered the fray! The new Block Totem tower blocks usage of action cards and heals nearby towers. Is there a tower that decimates all of your Toys, no matter what you throw at it? The Focus Fire card will instruct all of your Toys to rain destruction on your target.

Also included are numerous bug fixes, new challenges, and some changes to the in-
game Shop to allow you to earn more powerful cards! Full patch notes can be found here on our forums.

Login to iTunes now and download the update to get rushing!


Attack, Defend, and Collect This May 15


Huge news: Uber Entertainment and Tilting Point are excited to announce that Toy Rush will launch globally across the App Store on Thursday, May 15.

Find and collect a powerful cast of toys, then go on the offensive across Toy Rush’s action-packed, 50+ level campaign or laugh maniacally as you take down your frenemies’ bases.  Who’s the best Toy Rusher? Find out on May 15.


Tower Power: The Rubber Band Launcher


When your base defenses need that extra bit of oomph in order to keep friends and foes at bay, consider plopping down a Rubber Band Launcher (or two). These common, but fast-firing turrets shred toys by attacking each one at a time.

Deploy Rubber Band Launchers creatively throughout your base to maximize their damage potential and consider slowing down attacking toys with traps in order to do the same thing. At higher levels, these Rubber Band Launchers really deal out mega punishment, too, so be careful.

Meet Mace


Meet Mace. Mace is an incredible super toy that can buff friendly toys and put the hurt on buildings and towers. Another feature to put in the awesome column? Mace flies, so Mace can’t be injured by ground-based towers like the Marble Shooter.

Use Mace in groups with other toys to take advantage of Mace’s speed and damage buffs while leveraging Mace’s attack range. Also, don’t forget to feed it in-between rounds when you’ve earned a few spare cards!

Our designer John on Mace’s utility:

“Mace has a couple of powerful features. One of them is that Mace is a flying toy, which puts it at an advantage in bases riddled with ground-based defenses. Also, Mace can both buff and do damage. Mace’s fireball does incredible burst damage while its spin move can speed up and increase the damage of your other toys.”

Eka talks about Mace’s inspiration:

“Justin, one of the programmers on Toy Rush, wanted a dragon in Toy Rush because he really likes dragons. So I started sketching dragons for a super toy character.

It was an iterative process, as I wanted to avoid something too traditional. The moment where I knew what I wanted to do with Mace happened when I drew an impish, almost troll-like head I really liked. From there, I combined aspects from both dragon and troll.”


Meet Fin Doctor


Meet Fin Doctor. He’s a fantastical shark with a sick hat — and some sweet moves. Fin can cast magical tornados that do hardcore damage to turrets. Also, Fin Doctor is equipped with a buff skill. When Fin Doctor is grouped with allies, Fin Doctor boosts their strength. Fin Doctors work excellently with any group of toys, so use Fin in your attack waves!

Eka talks about Fin Doctor’s very iterative design process:

“The thing with the Beasts that I wanted to maintain is that I wanted them to be more fantastical monsters. I started out with a walking pug. I wasn’t feeling him, so I tried a walking crocodile. Eventually, somehow, I arrived at a shark with legs.

“The thing with concepts is that you try a bunch of different ideas and you don’t stop until something feels right. It’s an extremely creative and iterative process. Fin Doctor kinda personifies it.”

John discusses strategies and abilities:

“Fin Doctor was one of the few toys that evolved out of time. Fin started out as a pure buffing toy. The issue was that if everything else died around him, Fin kinda couldn’t do anything. Eventually, we gave Fin magical powers to compliment his buffing abilities.”

“The big thing with Fin Doctor is that Fin’s a higher-end card. Fin gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It can take out towers. But, it also increases the damage output of every toy around him. Fin Doctors are great in any battle.”

Tower Power: Marble Shooter


Range! Power! Burst! When you need all three of these components to defend your precious base (and tickets!), the Marble Shooter is a great option. It’s an effective long-range turret that pummels groups of ground-based enemies from the safety of the edges of your base.

Keep Marble Shooters in the back line of your defenses and use them in conjunction with Bottle Rocket Launchers and other faster-firing ground-based turrets to get the best effect. If you’re going up against a base with a bunch of Marble Shooters, use air units to avoid their attacks!


Meet Savage Toad


Meet Savage Toad. Savage Toad is a long-range assault toy that combines mean looks with tons of burst damage. Savage Toads have one weakness, however: they’re pretty squishy. Deploy Savage Toads in your back lines to protect them from direct damage or they’ll quickly fall to enemy turrets before dropping the full potential of their payloads.

Our design director John discuss Savage Toad’s mechanics in more detail:

“Savage Toad has a ton of long-range burst because he’s an artillery toy. He’s good at taking out towers at long-range. However, he doesn’t have a bunch of health, so you’ll have to keep him in the back of your lines when you attack.

There’s some interesting strategies with Savage Toad combinations. Toad and Fin Doctor are amazing because Fin Doctor pumps up Toad’s damage. Toad is perfect for bases with lots of gum, too — it slows him down, which allows him to do more damage.”

Our art director Eka discusses Savage Toad’s inspiration and origins:

“We wanted a Beast-type toy artillery. I started thinking of old-school cartoons and decided to go down the path of a toad. Originally, he had too much of a sci-fi look to him. His first name was Proto-Toad. It was too much, though — Beasts are fantastical monsters, right? So, I gave him more traditional, spiky armor to make him more orcish.”


Tower Power: The Bottle Rocket Launcher

Meet-The-Towers-Bottle Rocket

We’ve got a lot of exciting and lovable characters to still talk about, but we thought we’d take a quick timeout to talk about Toy Rush’s other formidable stars: the towers. In any well-guarded base, towers provide the backbone of your defense. Towers attack invading toys, ensuring that your friends and foes can’t just waltz in and steal your tickets without feeling some heat.

There’s a lot of different kinds of towers and each is tuned to take down specific kinds of toys. Bottle Rocket launchers, for example, are great against flying toys. They’ll shred anything with wings … or rockets … or helicopter blades. Keep your Hoots, Unicopters, Maces, Barons away from them or take them out with ground toys first!