Future of PA and Titans Update

We wanted to share some of the things we’ve been working on and that are currently in the pipeline: -Ladder reset for 1v1 giving everyone a fresh shot at hitting the top of the ladder -Working on server performance and optimizations to improve player experience (some of these optimizations have already been made) -New 1v1 […]

Reverting to build 110069

Hello everyone, Due to some issues we have discovered with the latest build, we have reverted back to an older version of the game for the time being. Once we have addressed those issues, we will be releasing a new update. Thank you for your understanding and happy annihilating! -The Uber Team

Playfab Port build 110552 is now live!

Hello Annihilators! We have just updated the game to make use of Playfab. The game was built using Ubernet as its backend, which later became a part of PlayFab. Since the Playfab acquisition, Ubernet will no longer be supported by Microsoft. To make sure we can keep the game going long term, we are required […]

Hotfix 110069 is now live!

This hotfix resolves the SSL issue preventing MacOS users from being able to sign in. A separate fix for the uberlauncher will be rolled out next and we will release that as soon as it is ready. Thank you again for being patient with us and happy annihilating! Update: A fix for the UberLauncher on […]

Hotfix build 110029 is now live

This hotfix resolves the SSL issue preventing most people from being able to sign in. We are aware that there is still an issue with MacOS as well as the UberLauncher. We are still working on tracking those down and will release a fix as soon as we are able. Thank you for your continued […]

Official Chinese Localizations now live on build 109959

We’re happy to announce that we now included official translations in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Enjoy! 我們很高興地宣布,我們現在包括繁體和簡體中文的官方翻譯。 請享用! 我们很高兴地宣布,我们现在包括繁体和简体中文的官方翻译。 请享用!

The Balance and Community Servers Update 108271 is now live!

Balance changes: Zeus Reduced Zeus effective rate of fire to 0.5 from 0.67 Increased Zeus ammo per shot and capacity to 10,000 from 9,000 Decreased Zeus ammo demand to 5,000 from 6,000 Leveller Increased Leveler build cost to 800 from 600 Decreased Leveler turn rate to 50 from 60 Gil-E Increased Titans Gil-E range from […]

Enhancement Update 105067

A host of new custom commanders, free for everyone! Added Locust, XOV, Reaver, spz58624, raizell, visionik, tykus24, mostlikely, nagasher, zancrowe, kevin4001, damubbster, commandonut, sadiga, jt00010177, vidicarus Balance changes: Removed friendly commander reclaim Changed grenadier group preference to back Changed default bounty to 0.25 POV Camera Mode, Spectator Selection, Holodeck Improvements A POV camera mode that […]

The Performance Update: Titans Update 99377

Update: Hello fans! We wish to inform you that, as of today 27th of March, you will no longer be able to make purchases through the Uberlauncher version of PA and Titans. This change comes about due to our payment service provider changing their terms, which means we will no longer be working with them. […]

Community Update 94684

Summary of Changes Community Mods in-game mod manager Custom Server support Server improvements New modding capabilities Numerous UI enhancements Tons of bug fixes Full changelog below. Community Mods in game mod manager No external application required. Uninstall your mods in PAMM first and then reinstall them through Community Mods. added community mods in game mod […]