Battle of the Beasts Wrap-Up!


Battle of the Beasts had plenty of awesome action, but no team was a part of more event-defining moments than the tournament’s ultimate winners, Super Godde Bros. Team members “Giggle” and “Godde” played extremely well together — and under pressure.

As we’ve mentioned before, Giggle and Godde are taking home the tournament’s grandest of grand prizes: a unique and BEASTLY custom commander. Our artist Steve made this video of this mechanical masterpiece earlier today:

Also, in case you missed it — after our first round of the tournament, we announced an encore match in which the winners would take home a GeForce 770 courtesy NVIDIA. NVIDIA has been an awesome partner and its helping us make Planetary Annihilation that much faster and amazing. Congrats, guys (you know who are)!

We’ll be posting archives of the action later on Stay tuned in case you couldn’t make it LIVE! And thanks to today’s participants. You’re awesome!


Watch Battle of the Beasts Live! Right now!


It’s on! Battle of the Beasts, Planetary Annihilation’s first official tournament, is going down right now! Go watch some of Planetary Annihilation’s baddest, beastliest SPACE WARRIORS duke it out for an awesome custom commander — and eternal glory – on the official Battle of the Beasts site. Another way? Head over to our host’s ZaphodX’s Twitch.TV page.

Before you go: have you heard about our awesome prizes? Here’s the custom commander the winning team is going to walk away with:


Also, stay tuned to our Twitter (@uberent) for a chance to win a GeForce 770 courtesy our awesome partners at NVIDIA who are generously helping us make Planetary Annihilation even faster.


Lore! A Summary Of The Past, Present, And Future!


Over the development of Planetary Annihilation, we’ve revealed several pieces of lore detailing the known factions Planetary Annihilation’s grim, sprawling universe. But as eye-opening as these have been, they’ve only shed a sliver of light on some of your biggest questions. Like, who were the Progenitors?  What is Time Designation Zero? What ignited the faction war?

Today, we’ll start talking about these topics, courtesy our writer Matthew Kehm:


The galaxy as it is known today is in a state of war. Planet after planet, system after system, the conflict rages unabated. Worlds that were once vibrant and teeming with organic life have been reduced to barren wastelands. It is a war fought for many reasons. There are those who fight it to simply conquer and dominate. Many choose to sow the seeds of chaos, all in the name of their god. There are even those who wage war, ironically, in an effort to achieve the perfect peace.

One constant remains: The biologic is being driven to extinction by the machine.

The Progenitors

For thousands of years the galaxy was devoid of the sounds of machinery. No grinding of gears or the slow hum of a computer could be heard. Biologics were the dominant force. This all changed with the arrival of the Progenitors.

It is not known when or from where they came. One thing however is certain; as the Progenitors began to spread across the galaxy the dominance of biologics began to wane, machines replacing them at a rapid rate. Technology advanced like a tidal wave across the ocean of stars. The Progenitors, it seemed, could not be stopped.

What exactly the Progenitors were is not known. Many hold to the belief that they were biologics created by a mechanical god to act as slaves in a machine universe, ultimately rebelling against it. Still others believe that the Progenitors were themselves machines, building a vast empire spanning the stars. Ruins scattered across the galaxy speak of a vast Progenitor society but have yielded few clues as to their true identity.

As great and powerful as the Progenitors had been, something happened that brought their abrupt end. All that they had built, the technology that had fueled their expansion across the stars had suddenly ceased. The Progenitors themselves, the architects of this grand society, seemed to simply vanish.

Thousands of years later the event would be given a name: Time Designation Zero.

Time Designation Zero

How long the galaxy lay silent after the disappearance of the Progenitors is not known. Judging by the ruins and artifacts that have been discovered, many have concluded that several thousands of years have passed since the event.

That event, and the years of silence that followed would come to be known as Time Designation Zero, the point from which all history would be recorded; divided into before (BTDZ or BZ) and after (ATDZ or AZ).

The Commanders

Sentient machines, the greatest of the Progenitor era, had gone silent along with all other technology during TDZ. Known as Commanders, these machines were the greatest of their kind. It was only fitting that they be the ones to usher in a new age.

The first Commander to reactivate or “awaken” was Invictus. Finding his memory corrupted, not knowing where he was or where he had come from, Invictus was tasked with rebuilding what he could with his limited knowledge. The new age is considered to have begun with his activation.

Invictus was able to find other Commanders, some of which he was able to reactivate. They immediately looked upon him as their leader and the first of the factions, Legionis Machina, was created.

Birth of the Factions

Legionis Machina was just the first of many factions that would form after the silence of TDZ. Other Commanders across the galaxy began to reactivate, like Invictus, after thousands of years of dormancy.

Each of these Commanders was similar in the fact that their memories were also incomplete, full of missing or corrupted data. Using the data that they did possess, the Commanders built their own societies based on what they believed as fact. As a result, factions such as The Foundation, led by Inquisitor Nemicus, and Synchronous, led by Metrarch the Machinist, had their own vision on what the galaxy should look like. Though each faction had mostly opposing views, there was one thing in which they all agreed: the Progenitors yet existed and would return one day. This became the singular sacred belief that all share to this day. The manner of their return is still open to debate.

The Future

It is unknown exactly what the ultimate fate of the galaxy will be. What is certain is more factions will form, each with its own beliefs. War will continue to rage, Commanders continuing their struggle to dominate each other and eliminate any and all biologics.

Most of all, each and every Commander, whether pledged to a faction or no, prepares for the day that the Progenitors will return.

Make sure to check out each of our faction write-ups (linked below) for more lore:


Announcing Battle of the Beasts, Our First Official Tournament


A handful of the BEASTLIEST teams in Planetary Annihilation are about to square off for eternal glory — and an epic prize.

Uber Entertainment is excited to announce BATTLE OF THE BEASTS, its first ever official tournament for Planetary Annihilation. Taking place March 28 at 11AM Pacific time, Battle of the Beasts is an eight team, doubles-style tournament where the winning team will walk away with a unique (and beastly) custom commander. Also, glory.

The entire tournament will be hosted by ZaphodX and his co-host, our own metabolical. To catch the action, follow and stay up with ZaphodX’s Twitch page on March 28. The Battle of the Beast official page will be broadcasting the event, too — and posting archives of the action as it goes down.

And who are these SPACE WARRIORS about to give everything for your amusement and their own eternal glory? We announced the eight teams and their seeds on this video:

You can get a text-based version of these rosters on the official BOB blog. We’ve alsolisted the rules in a post as well.

Excited? We are, too. Stay up to date on the tournament by visiting the BOB page. Also, jump into the discussion on our forums! This is a really unique opportunity for us and our competitors, so we’re dedicated to putting on an awesome show. See you there!


Lore Update: Faction #4 Reveal


Back, back, back before we unveiled the Gamma version of Planetary Annihilation and all of its exciting features, we introduced you to the third faction in the game’s lore. As decided by all of you, this faction’s name is The Synchronous. Its fiery leader’s name? Metrarch the Machinist.

Today, we’d like to debut the fourth, and final of the known faction’s, lore. This group is called “The Revenants” and they’re led by Commander Osiris — a quad-Commander that’s already playable in the game.

Osiris leads with an iron fist and believes that it gifts rebirth to conquered worlds. This leader sees other machines, despite having assimilated technology, as flawed and pitiful things. Osiris is on an eternal search for perfection.

Our writer Matthew Kehm introduces you to The Revenants and Osiris with this short story:

ATDZ: 373

Sector 22.5.8

19…. 18…. 17…. They were coming. From a high ridge Commander Osiris scanned the horizon for any sign of them. His forward scouts had reported they were on the move towards his position. All there was to do now was wait.

16…. 15…. 14…. No sign of them yet. Scouts continued to report that Legonis troops were advancing, hundreds of them. Osiris quickly relayed orders to his forces. Forward units of Legonis Machina would hit their positions within minutes. Be prepared.

13…. 12…. 11….There they were. The vanguard of the enemy army was just appearing over the horizon. Osiris ordered his long range artillery to commence firing. A fair distance behind him, Osiris could hear the unmistakable thuds as his artillery began firing their high explosive rounds.

10…. 9…. 8…. On they came. Across the rusty red landscape of the asteroid, the enemy advanced toward Osiris. They knew he was the key to victory. If he was destroyed it was all but assured. Osiris counted on this. Brilliant flashes began erupting among the Legonis units, which he could now see were light scout vehicles. Nearly a third of them were instantly vaporized as neutronium shells hit their marks. Still they advanced.

7…. 6…. 5…. The cannons stopped. The tanks were now passing the outer markers. With a signal, Osiris ordered his bombers to make their run. Almost instantly they appeared in the sky to the west, roaring towards their targets. As they began releasing ordinance, another wave of enemies crested the horizon and began to advance behind the vanguard. This was the main Legonis force, comprised of heavy assault tanks and fighter-bombers. Osiris spotted their leader among them as well, Commander Flavius.

4…. 3…. 2…. Hundreds of scouts were now burning wrecks as the bombers devastated their ranks.

Osiris watched as his bombers banked to the southeast and fled the approaching enemy fighters which turned to give chase. Squadrons of interceptors were waiting to welcome their guests on the far side of the asteroid. Had Flavius learned nothing?

1…. 0…. Just as the first Imperator tanks reached maximum range and began to fire on Osiris, the ground began to shake and the massive roar of an explosion penetrated the surface just below the approaching Legonis Machina forces. Almost instantly the tanks, along with Commander Flavius, disappeared in a cloud of red dust.

As the dust cleared, a crater, several miles in diameter now sat where there had been rocky plain seconds earlier. Osiris scanned the crater for any signs of activity and registered only a handful of tanks still operational. Commander Flavius on the other hand was fully functional and beginning to dig his way out. The underground nuke detonation had worked as planned. With himself as the bait, Osiris knew Flavius couldn’t resist the temptation to destroy him.

Osiris reflected back on the numerous worlds he had conquered. Countless battles that had been fought, fought against other machines. Flawed machines all, having spurned the gift of rebirth that he offered. Only through their deaths could they be made whole once again; made better.

The search would go on. Somewhere in the vast reaches of the universe he knew he would find what he sought. Somewhere out there he would find that which was free of imperfections. Could it be the Progenitors? He vowed to never stop searching until they were found. Perhaps they held the answers he sought. Until that time, he would continue to create new from the remains of the old, and in turn find a cure to his own imperfections, his own flaws. When that day came, he would pass on this gift to others. Only then would all of machinekind reach its true potential….

Turning his attention back to the task at hand, Osiris gave a final signal. Attack bots and crawlers swarmed into the crater and set to work. Legonis units that were still functioning and able to resist would be dealt with quickly by the bots; torn apart and hauled off by the crawlers. Their remains would be sent to reprocessing stations where they would be used to create entirely new machines of war. The real prize however was Commander Flavius. Scores would be lost in attempt to subdue him, but in the end it would all be worth it. Nothing else mattered to Osiris.

The whole operation had been for the sole purpose of capturing Flavius intact. He would be disassembled down to his memory core and reconstructed using only the finest parts available from other defeated Commanders. Once completed, he would be superior to what he once was. It was another step on the long road ahead.

Commander Flavius of Legonis Machina was dead and buried.

Commander Thanatos the Revenant would rise to take his place.

Thanks for all the support, enthusiasm, and participation as we revealed each of our lore’s four factions. You had a direct hand in the process and we’re glad you pitched in.

Next week, we’ll be releasing a summary of sorts that lays out where the game takes place and what has transpired in the universe. We’ll see you then!


Here’s Today’s Planetary Annihilation Gamma Livestream!


If you couldn’t join us for our livestream this afternoon (or just want to relive its amazingness), don’t worry; we’ve got your back. An archived version is available just below for your viewing pleasure.

On the stream, we discussed how much Planetary Annihilation has grown since alpha and beta. Later, we switch gears and discussed gamma. After that, Planetary Annihilation’s art mastermind, Steve, sits down to talk about all the new Commanders we’ve added. The show closes with a brief Q&A.

[If you're having problems viewing this video, click the YouTube button and watch it there!]

Don’t forget that we’re streaming tomorrow, February 28, at 10AM PST until 9PM PST. We will be playing the game all day with you and with each other. Stop in! Say hi! Or you can smash planets with us, if that’s more your thing. See you tomorrow!


Planetary Annihilation Goes On Sale For $30 And Enters Gamma Phase Of Development!


In alpha, we introduced users to Planetary Annihilation. In beta, we gave players big, epic moments. During the gamma phase of development, we’ll give folks brand new ways to play and experience Planetary Annihilation.

Today, Uber Entertainment released an update to Planetary Annihilation that ushered in the game’s “gamma” phase of development. This update includes a totally rebuilt and streamlined front-end, as well as brand new lobbies that make it easier for players to join the games they want. This sets the table for further user interface updates that’ll be unveiled in gamma.

The concept of “alliances” also debuted today. In free-for-all games, players can now set up alliances pre-match. We packed our epic orchestral score into today’s update as well. This stunning soundtrack has over an hour’s worth of content.

Over the course of gamma, we’ll be rolling out a ton of features that’ll make it easier to connect with others, team up, browse games, compare stats, and interact. We’ll also push Planetary Annihilation’s incredible scale to a new level with features focused on giving you more options, more control, and even more epic moments. You can read more about these features here:

And In celebration of today’s release, we cut the price of Planetary Annihilation to just $30 on Steam, The Uber Store, and the Humble Bundle Store. Jump in and check out the start of Gamma! We think you’ll love what we’ve done.

Gamma Release Livestream: Join Us This Thursday And Friday To See Planetary Annihilation Gamma In Action


Excited about the launch of Planetary Annihilation’s gamma this week? We sure are. And in celebration of this update, and phase of the game’s development, we’ll be doing two different livestreams on our Twitch.TV channel at the end of this week.

The first livestream will start this Thursday, February 27, at 1PM PST. If you’ve ever watched us before, this one’s format will feel familiar. We’ll sit down with Jon Mavor to discuss Gamma’s current and future features. We’ll also do a live demo of what’s in the build you’ll receive tomorrow and take some of your questions.

The other livestream will start this Friday, February 28th, at 10AM PST and run until 9PM PST. This one will focus purely on Planetary Annihilation’s mechanics and features, as well as its community. We’ll sit down and play the game all day with each other and with all of you. Along the way, you’ll learn more about the staff at Uber Entertainment, the creation of the game, gamma’s features, and much more.

Sound good? We’d love for you to join us. Hit up our message board to ask a question and keep on your web speed dials to join us. We’ll talk to you soon — and don’t forget that Gamma launches tomorrow on February 27th.

Gamma Feature Reveal: Replays! Alliances! Multi-planet Spawns!


Planetary Annihilation has always been about incredible scale and features that let you make entire solar systems your playground. We’re going to push on this idea even harder in the game’s gamma phase with a new suite of features focused on giving you more options, more control, and even more epic experiences.

Two ways we’ll expand on the scale of Planetary Annihilation during the gamma phase is with multi-planet start spots and picture-in-picture. These are two of our most highly requested features — and with good reason. Multi-planet spawns will open up the game, allowing for users to battle interplanetary wars from the time a match starts. We’ll also make some changes to the system editor so it caters to this style of play.

You got your first taste of picture-in-picture mode last week when we debuted it in an update. During the gamma phase, we’ll continue building on picture-in-picture with unit-tracking and a “last notification mode” that instantly snaps your view to where an alert occurred. We expect to keep building on this tech in other ways, too.

Our in-game streaming video tech, Chronocam, has always been incredible. In gamma, we’ll bolster this offering by adding replays that are instantly accessible after matches end. You’ll receive a link that you can use to watch your last matches, even if you leave the client. Down the road, we’d like to add sharing so you can share your matches with everyone.

Also during the gamma phase, we’ll unleash Alliance Mode. Alliances will allow you to ally with several players either (a) before a match starts or (b) during. Allied players will share vision and will be able to share excess resources with each other. We also plan to roll out dynamic alliances. With a dynamic alliance, you’ll be able to break away from your alliance whenever you fancy.

These are all really cool features and just a few of the new options we’ll be giving you during the gamma phase. We can’t wait for you to get your first look at gamma this coming Thusrday, February 27th, when it hits as a free update.

Gamma Feature Reveal: Friends, Chat, Browsing, And More!


The upcoming gamma phase of Planetary Annihilation is all about you and your friends. We’ll be rolling out a ton of features over the course of development that’ll make it easier to connect, team up, browse compare, and check out the Commanders you own. Today, we wanted to talk about some of these awesome social and experiential additions that’ll totally take Planetary Annihilation to the next level.

From top to bottom, Planetary Annihilation’s user interface is being reimagined and refocused to make it even simpler to find what you want, when you want it. We’re expanding server browsing options, for instance. In Gamma, you’ll be able to filter potential matches by player count and number of planets. We’ll also make it easier to create a new game.

The new front-end menus, on the other hand, will support dynamic news items. We’re also going to add a video hub that’ll display content from us and you. In the future, we plan to expand this to show new players how to play the game.

And did we mention how you’ll be welcomed to the game? Our orchestral soundtrack will be rolled out during this phase.

Gamma will also introduce new social functionality such as friends lists and instant messaging. We’ll be expanding our Twitch.TV functionality as well by adding visual cues, controls for audio settings, and the ability for streamers to run commercials (because we’re totally cool with folks monetizing videos of our games).

Also during the gamma phase, you’ll be able to compete against friends on the leaderboards to see who’s really the best and you’ll be able to view a variety of stats after matches. We’re also going to roll out a spectator mode that’ll feature its own chat and provides a real-time display of players’ economies.

A totally new concept that we’re going to introduce during gamma is the Armory. When we add this feature, you’ll be able to see all the Commanders you already own or have been rewarded as a backer of the game. You’ll also see special badges you’ve earned there. Cool!

Gamma phase’s social features and rebuilt UI will make interacting and playing a breeze — and the game that much more intense to play as a result. Most of what we’re talking about today will be rolled out over the course of the phase, but you’ll get an awesome taste of what’s to come this Thursday, February 27th, when Gamma releases.

We’ve got some more to share before Gamma releases as a free update. Stay tuned!