A New Update Is Available! Unit Formations, New Orbital Play, And Much More!


Buckle up — we just blasted out an enormous update to Planetary Annihilation. Like, massive-huge. A massive-big-enormous-huge update that (a) expanded the core game’s feature set and (b) added new mechanics, new units, and some game-changing balance tweaks.

Unit formations, for example, have been added to the game. As you direct your units into battle, they’ll dynamically organize themselves to maximize their awesome destructive powers. We’ve also re-worked orbital. Most notable, units now move much faster. We’re thinking this change in particular will help players establish beachheads on controlled planets much, much easier.

Also in this update? We’ve expanded advanced command and control functionality. Now, you can load and unload units by using an area command or patrol with ground units. Also, we’ve added ping functionality that allows you to alert your friends and teammates to action all over the solar system.

Our AI grows even more evil in this update, too, and we’ve added new character models for all the new units we’ve been adding in the game. We’ve also tossed in some performance and pathfinding tweaks that make the game even more awesome to play.

You need to see the patch notes on this one. As usual, they’re available on our message board. Folks are already talking about the new update there as well, so join in on the discussion!

One note before you go, though: our next update is coming sooner than you think — and it’ll change the way you play and interact with the game. We’ll have more details on this soon.