Planetary Annihilation Now Coming When It’s Done


In order to deliver the best possible experience to our future and current players, we’re postponing the estimated release of Planetary Annihilation to … when it’s done.

That means Planetary Annihilation will launch when we feel confident about its level of polish and the amount of awesome we can jam into it. We don’t have a hard date moving forward. However, we do expect it to be feature-complete in early 2014.

“We are extremely happy at what we’ve been able to accomplish with the game so far, but we want to take some additional time to make sure we are releasing the best game we can,” said Jon Mavor CTO of Uber Entertainment.

“I want to thank everyone who kickstarted and pre-ordered the game again because without you this game wouldn’t have became a reality.”

About a year ago, a bunch of gamers got together and bought into our vision. We’ve been delivering ever since then. We’ve added a lot of fantastic new mechanics and units and features over the last year — and we’re adding bunch more in the near future. Features coming online soon include area commands, a new camera, a stargate unit, and a complete rethink of the orbital unit set.

This is a moment to celebrate. We’re taking extra time to polish up, tweak, balance, and engineer the full game that you want. Your feedback is important, and we can’t wait to see you at the finish line.