Faction Update: Faction 2 Name And Leader


Creating a universe is hard. Naming the stuff we’ve put in it is a challenge, too.

After a couple of weeks, hundreds of posts, four polls, some head-scratching, and oodles of spirited discussions, we’ve finally settled on what we’ll call the second faction and its leader. We’ve also nailed down the symbol. Thanks for all the support and effort — your help makes this universe as much yours as it is ours.

The second faction name is … The Foundation. If you’ve been following this process, you’ve no doubt noticed that we ended up running multiple polls filled with possible names. We wanted to make sure that we gave everyone a voice and that we offered the best options. Considering how resoundingly The Foundation won, we’re guessing we put up a name that most of us can agree is awesome.

The Foundation’s leader’s name is … Inquisitor Nemicus. That’s a combination of two names people in our exclusive backer’s message board liked, and we thought it was a fitting name overall. Nemicus has the feel we were looking for.


Nemicus is a Raptor Commander. Bi-pedal, animal-like, and powerful, we think the Raptor Commander represents the intensity that Nemicus brings to the table. In that bit of art Steve Thompson really brings out the personality in the machine.

As for the symbol for The Foundation, we wanted to put something together that really brought out what this faction’s core philosophies are all about:


Again, thanks for the continued support. We’ll be revealing the third faction in just a couple of days. Here’s a little tease to hold you over:

A gentle breeze carried the scent of the first rains of the season among the thick forest canopy; the sounds of animals awakening from their nocturnal slumber echoing throughout. A kaleidoscope of flowers carpeted the forest floor below, appearing as waves on a vast ocean as they swayed in the breeze. Somewhere distant, the roar of a waterfall completed the symphony of sound as the first beams of daylight pierced the horizon …