Planetary Annihilation Just Got TITANIC

The galactic war between ancient robot factions kicks into high gear with 21 new game-changing combat units, including five IMMENSE Titan-class units! Conquer new worlds and craft new strategies to take advantage of all-new multi-level terrains! Lead thousands of units in interplanetary campaigns across land, sea, air, and space! Destroy entire planets in your quest to dominate the galaxy!

Game Features


ENTER THE TITANS! Dominate the battlefield with five mind-numbingly huge Titans!


NEW WAYS TO ANNIHILATE! Choose from over a hundred unique combatants, including 21 all-new units!


TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! New planets with multi-level terrain make conquering the galaxy more exciting than ever!


FIGHT YOUR WAY TO THE TOP! Compete with friends in Ranked 1v1, Custom Lobbies, and new Bounty Mode, or play single player with enhanced Galactic War!


SMASH PLANETS! Annihilate whole planets with devastating super-weapons!

Latest News

The Balance and Community Servers Update 108271 is now live!

Balance changes: Zeus Reduced Zeus effective rate of fire to 0.5 from 0.67 Increased Zeus ammo per shot and capacity to 10,000 from 9,000 Decreased Zeus ammo demand to 5,000 from 6,000 Leveller Increased Leveler build cost to 800 from 600 Decreased Leveler turn rate to 50 from 60 Gil-E Increased Titans Gil-E range from […]

Enhancement Update 105067

A host of new custom commanders, free for everyone! Added Locust, XOV, Reaver, spz58624, raizell, visionik, tykus24, mostlikely, nagasher, zancrowe, kevin4001, damubbster, commandonut, sadiga, jt00010177, vidicarus Balance changes: Removed friendly commander reclaim Changed grenadier group preference to back Changed default bounty to 0.25 POV Camera Mode, Spectator Selection, Holodeck Improvements A POV camera mode that […]

The Performance Update: Titans Update 99377

Update: Hello fans! We wish to inform you that, as of today 27th of March, you will no longer be able to make purchases through the Uberlauncher version of PA and Titans. This change comes about due to our payment service provider changing their terms, which means we will no longer be working with them. […]