Uber Entertainment at PAX Prime!


Buckle up: Uber Entertainment is heading PAX Prime 2014 on August 29-September 1 — and its taking Planetary Annihilation with it.

This year, we’ll be in BOOTH #3209 and showing off something we think you’ll love: the launch (or “gold”) edition of Planetary Annihilation. The launch edition has never-before-seen features like gas giants, a new celestial annihilation option (!), and numerous game enhancements on top of experience upgrades.

Throughout the event, we’ll be casting competitive matches of the launch edition with pro broadcasters and members of our dev team. A full schedule will be available at the show.

We’d love to see you this year! Come check out Planetary Annihilation — and watch some awesome matches.

Uber Weekly Update – August 13, 2015


Years ago, we opened our studio and embarked on a journey.

With some help from our fans and friends we started making Planetary Annihilation. It began with a foundation. Only the sturdiest and most durable materials would do. This project was a dream come true, and it needed the perfect engine, a capable and strong engine created by talented developers, to power it.

Later, we expanded upwards with a robust unit roster, celestial annihilation, massive battles, strategically interesting play and more. We insulated our walls with easy-to-use interface elements and satisfying explosions.

Now, we’re decorating. We’re finishing the “thousands of little things,” as our VP of biz dev Adam likes to say, in order to deliver the best experience at launch.

We’ve talked quite a bit about what we’re doing at the moment. We’re squashing bugs, solving issues, and tightening up all the bolts. We’re evaluating flows, finding new ways to improve performance, designing new annihilation options, adjusting how units path through the world, and so on and so on.

At the moment we’re writing this, we’re creating unique assets for the Mac installer. We’re making adjustments to balance, as we watch people play and hear feedback. We’re making gas giants brighter, enhancing mod support, and continuing our work on offline play. There’s a lot of motion, a lot of polishing happening right now as we speak.

Thanks for joining us on this ride and supporting the game. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on — and what’s next. For now, enjoy the experience as it gets better and better.



In between busting out new builds, we’re prepping to move.

After a long and fun run at our current digs, we’re packing up our stuff and heading to a bigger studio with hallway space for days and ample walls to fill with art and awards. Moving a studio isn’t easy. Like the floor in our kitchen, our desks have accumulated a scary amount of stuff over the years. But, also, we’ve got to keep rolling on Planetary Annihilation. There’s too much momentum, too many balls in the air, to get sidetracked. Thankfully, we’re in great hands.

We look forward to inviting you into the new office alongside us and giving you a tour when we’ve settled. In the meanwhile, we wanted to share one of the coolest gems we’ve discovered while moving: https://twitter.com/Ekanaut/status/499286979435978752

That’s the first piece of concept art Uber Entertainment produced. Specifically, it’s the concept that eventually led to the Sniper in Monday Night Combat. It’s fun to look back and forth between this concept and the final Sniper model. A lot of details made it through.

And Now For Some Questions


To the art department: Can you guys give a little news/hint on what you are working on next over the next month or two?

Right now, the art team’s polishing up Gas Giants, polish, and working on [REDACTED], which will be a really cool feature.

Why remove unit wreckage?

After a lot of thought and a lot of observation, we decided to pull wreckage. It caused more problems than it solved but, more importantly, playing with it wasn’t fun. You can still totally turn it on with mods, though, so we’re excited to see what people are going to come up with.

Where’s Toy Rush for Android?

It’s coming this week! Follow @ToyRush on Twitter to get the latest.

Will the units ever leave tracks or footsteps on the surface of the planet?

We have the technology, and it’s something we’ve often discussed. Who knows!


Planetary Annihilation Now $29.99


Awesome news: starting today, Planetary Annihilation is just $29.99 across the Uber store, Steam, the Humble Bundle Store, and other providers.

Permanent price drops like this one have always been symbolic of the strides we’ve made with the core game experience. Since the debut of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Galactic War, we’ve continued fleshing out and iterating on many key components of Planetary Annihilation. The new user-interface elements you can see today add flair and flavor — and make browsing more enjoyable. Battles are even bigger and faster courtesy breakthrough technical upgrades. We’ve also taken some huge steps visually by ratcheting up explosions and improving the Commander launch sequence.  And the AI? It grows more evil by the day.

These are just a few of the improvements we’ve been making, and we think you’ll love what we’ve got in store for you next. Enjoy Planetary Annihilation at $29.99 now!

Uber Weekly Update – August 5, 2014


Mornings in Seattle are often cool and cloudy. If you’re lucky, can catch a stray strand of sun that somehow manages to fall through the sky, but that isn’t typical. Meetings in the morning often take on the spirit of the weather; they can be just as soggy and cold, as the clouds creep across the sky.

Friday was different.

Last week, we received the first test run of shirts we’ll be offering to supporters of Planetary Annihilation. One of those shirts is a crisp, white number with an “awesome” print of John Comes’ head. On Friday morning, we surprised John with the shirt.

Before our ten AM all-hands meeting, everyone in the studio sneakily put on the shirt under their normal clothes. When the meeting started, we sprung out of our chairs and enjoyed a moment with John, as we suddenly revealed the shirt to him as a unit.

Overcast or not, our office was cloudless. John’s smile lit the whole room, and we all were able to share in his joy.

Polish, Polish, Polish


The theme of the last few weeks continues into this one: polish. This week, we tackled some long-standing issues. We also identified and squashed new issues brought about by some of the changes we’ve been making to the game. Development is tricky work: one fix can usher in the need for two or three more introduced by that first fix.

You can see some of this week’s changes in the PTE build of the game. A small sampling: better pathfinding for naval, occasional issues with the AI not responding, neural net updates, selection sound pass, metal planet geometry modifications, and various server browser fixes to make it run more smoothly.

Sometimes, polish is all about the little. In the future (or soon, if you will), we’ll be rolling out new unit and structure descriptions. You know that little band of text that pops up whenever you select something? That’s what we’re referring to. We’ll be going in and swapping out the old text in favor of new text that reads better and, of course, helps new players pick the units they want more easily.

Another thing you’ll probably see in future builds leading up to release? Smarter and better planet map generation, in addition to more Uber-made maps. We’ve been building quite the collection of maps that favor player-types and player numbers, and we’ll be continuing that effort.

Ben, meanwhile, is polishing up the look of gas giants. Brad’s been standing over his shoulder a lot lately, staring at all the pretty colors these planets have.

And Now For Some Questions:


Will you make it possible to move back again, in the Galactic War, if you’ve stuck on a level or changed your mind?

Never say never. However, we feel like the ability to restart in Galactic War wouldn’t be in the spirit of the mode. Galactic War is all about annihilating with limited options at your disposal and being creative with the ones you have. Annihilation is final, so the stakes are high.

Would you consider / be open to incorporating certain features from interesting mods into the game?

The plan has always been to make mods a first-class component of the game. So, think the other way around. We want to show them off prominently so sharing is easy. And we want to make the installation process as seamless as possible so everyone can grab them.

Any plans for super space robots that can fly to other planets and smash stuff up?

That’s a great idea! No plans on that yet, but that’s not to say we aren’t working on other annihilation options…

Uber Weekly Update – July 28, 2014


Consider your latest skirmish in Planetary Annihilation an appetizer. The feverish, mind meltingly huge battle was just a sample, a tease of what’s to come. The latest build, as we promised, ushered in a new lobby, new menus, and new explosive effects. You saw quite a few performance breakthroughs, too, as you wildly battled across the stars.

The gains over the last build were incredible, and we’ll keep building on that momentum well into the future. Every day, there’s a new discovery, a new feature or mechanic that we can make better or more powerful and cost less.

The target is clear: deliver on the vision that you helped make a reality. There’s a lot more work to do, but we’re up to the task.

40-Person Battles


Fans who fight commonly in epic free-for-alls and team games often ask when they’ll get to experience 40-person battles. Planetary Annihilation has always had big fights, even early on. Yet, we’ve always wanted to up the ante.

You might be surprised to know that we can support these matches now. Unlocking them for you, however, is a matter of making absolutely, totally sure that the experience will be as fun and as smooth as possible.

In order to get there, we’ll need to add in layers of UI to handle the increased amount of players. Also, we’ll have to tune servers to handle all the carnage. And, of course, bigger fights are going to require some additional background polish work to make sure they run smoothly, efficiently, and offer as much interesting content as possible.

The game you’re playing right now has an excellent example of how we’re paving the way to raising the player cap. Currently, whenever you play in big systems, you aren’t hit with data about planets that aren’t immediately relevant to your interests. This keeps the game’s footprint smaller than it would be if planets were constantly phoning home, and as a result the game runs faster.

Don’t be surprised to see the player cap jump up over time. It’s how we plan to scale the game.

Ladders in 1.0


You asked and we’re listening.

Last week, Jon revealed on our forums that we’re going to re-evaluate our stance on saving ladders for competitive update down the road. We learned a lot about what you think ladders add to a game during our various discussions, so we’re looking at ways that we can accomplish what you want.

We’re with you: we want to make sure new players can battle it out against other new players and veterans can battle it out against veterans. Thanks for your input! It’s been a big help. We’ll have more on this in the future, no doubt.

And Now For Some Questions:


Have everyone who want to grow a beard, after a month or two, have a community vote on the best beard. MAKE IT SO!

That’s not a question, but we like where your head is at. Ryan and Brad are trying to grow out their hair again. Does that count?

Will we be getting an annihilation victory condition where we must kill commander, factories, and fabricators?

That’s a great question. Different victory conditions (and new modes, even) are on the agenda. One of the wonderful things about our short-term goals for modding, however, is that want to give you the power to make cool victory conditions and modes.

I haven’t heard anything about the Gas Giants since launch. Are gas giant planets still planned?

Yes, yes they are. In fact, we plan to talk about them in detail very soon.

That’s it for this week, but we did want to mention: did you see this thread about Super Monday Night Combat on reddit? Interesting stuff, for sure.

Uber Weekly Update – July 21, 2014


There’s a new kind of excitement worming its way through the studio, its warm tendrils slowly latching on to every single member of the team. We’re embracing the embrace; in the last few days, we’ve finalized our plans for the release of Planetary Annihilation and we’re giddily hacking away at what we need to do in order to deliver the polished, refined, and streamlined 1.0 version of the game on our own schedule.

From top to bottom, the 1.0 release of Planetary Annihilation will run leaner, faster, and look better. Our crew of engineers and programmers are pushing hard to improve the overall user experience by making the client and server run more smoothly. Take a trip to our office and you’ll hear the steady clack of keyboards, as brave coders clean blemishes and chew away at technical debt.

In the last couple of PTE builds, you’ve witnessed some of their work in making the game faster. You’ve also probably noticed extensive graphical and user interface improvements. New and more stunning particle effects are breathing a whole new life into Commander and nuclear explosions. New game screens and various menus have also been introduced.

The 1.0 release will also hit digital and store shelves with new features and mechanics, one of which is available. In our GiantBomb interview, we mentioned we really liked the idea of allowing you to spawn anywhere on a map instead of in a pre-selected spot. This is now in the game. We like what it brings to the table: spawning wherever brings a new kind of swagger, a new kind of intensity that foreshadows the sprawling, massive battles that Planetary Annihilation is all about.

What’s “Finished,” Really?


What’s finished anyway? It’s a question Jon Mavor brings up a lot when we talk about the 1.0 build. In a lot of ways, we see 1.0 as just the beginning of the story: a rocking sentence that hooks you for an entire novel. We plan to support PA for a long time, creating new content as quickly as possible to keep the action interesting. Sometimes, when we daydream at our desks, we think about all the new things we can bring to the game after this push.

So, all this is to say that 1.0 is coming, but that doesn’t mean we’re “done.” It’s just the beginning — and we can’t wait to take you on the ride.

Toy Rush Content Update


Did you know? Our mobile title, Toy Rush [Free], received a massive content update earlier this month. Around the office, we’ve been calling it the “League Update.” As you can imagine, it rolls in the concept of leagues to the game. As you play and smash players’ bases to bits, you receive medals. These medals, in turn, place you higher and higher up ladders. Want to be the best? Prove it. And, now, show it.

We also introduced two new cards into the game to flesh out battle a bit more. The Block Totem is a really useful new defensive item that blocks the use of action cards. It also heals nearby towers, fortifying your defenses even more.

Our other new card? It’s called The Focus Fire card. With it, you can instruct every toy in play to fire on a specific target. Have a tower that’s been causing you problems? Get this card, set your target, and watch it burn under a delicious onslaught.

We’re working on another update to Toy Rush, too, which will bring some more challenges, bug fixes, and niftier options to the table.

And Now For Some Questions


Where are my rewards?

We appreciate the continued patience. After launch, we’ll get your backer rewards out to you. I just saw the t-shirts the other day; they look incredible. Prepare yourselves!

Will we see more livestreams in the future?

Absolutely. We’re moving offices soon and plan to add a few new treats to the set.

I see you guys are working on some fantastic effects, specially explosions. Are there plans to make a planet deteriorate the longer war goes on? Just to give a few examples, nukes changing atmosphere color and perhaps deforming the terrain slowly or planet smashes transforming planets into molten lava planets.

Just passed this one by Ben. His eyes lit up. I assume he’s rubbing his hands together, thinking about the possibilities.

When will we see leaderboards and matchmaking?

This is a post-1.0 kind of thing. We’d love to add ladders, matchmaking, a ranking system — basically everything you need to play Planetary Annihilation competitively.

The Second Round of Cloak And Danger Starts Now!


Hit this Twitch link! The second week of Cloak and Danger has begun. Today’s events include a total of three free-for-alls with dynamic alliances turned on. Twelve players will enter but only three will advance to the final day’s legendary free-for-all. Last week was filled with secret alliances and not-so-secret betrayals. Can this week top it?

You can view today’s events at our Twitch.TV page. To see the brackets, upcoming matches and view stats check out Exodus E-Sports’ awesome landing site for Cloak and Danger.

The First Round Of Cloak And Danger Is LIVE


Sit down, buckle up, and hit this Twitch link. The first day of Cloak and Danger, the second official Planetary Annihilation tournament, has started. Today’s events include a total of four free-for-alls with dynamic alliances turned on. Sixteen players will enter but only four will advance to the final day’s legendary free-for-all.

You can view today’s events at our Twitch.TV page. To see the brackets, upcoming matches and view stats check out Exodus E-Sports’ awesome landing site for Cloak and Danger.

Cloak And Danger Starts Tomorrow, Get In Now


On June 11, at 11AM Pacific time, 16 of the best Planetary Annihilation players will be squaring off in a legendary free-for-all tournament full of tricks, intrigue, and maybe even a little treachery.

And there’s one more open spot.

The time for Cloak and Danger is close, folks! But, we’d figure we throw a monkeywrench into the works right before kick-off. After all, what’s a tournament about backstabbing without a pre-game surprise?

We’re offering up the last spot in Cloak and Danger to someone reading this. The catch? If you want this spot, you’ll have to give us the next name for the T1 tank. Head over to this message board thread and reply with your name. At the end of the day today, we will pull the best name and award that player an invite to the tournament.

Don’t forget to catch the first four games in Cloak and Danger tomorrow at 11AM Pacific on our Twitch.TV page. Adam and ZaphodX will kick off the event, discuss the matches, and show all of the high-octane action. Be there!

Announcing Cloak And Danger, The Next Official Planetary Annihilation Tournament


Sixteen of the most dangerous Planetary Annihilation players are about to square off in a legendary tournament full of suspicion, intrigue, and treachery.

Uber Entertainment is proud to announce Cloak and Danger, the second official Planetary Annihilation tournament. Taking place every Friday in July starting this July 11, Cloak and Danger is a series of free-for-alls where alliances can be formed — and broken — at any point during a match. Only one out of the tournament’s 16 players will walk out the winner. How many people will they have crossed to get to the top?

The tournament will be broadcasted on Uber Entertainment’s Twitch.TV channel and dual-casted by community members from Exodus E-Sports. The first day’s games on July 11 begin at 11AM PST. Be there!