EUWest Server Maintenance July 1st (3pm-8pm PDT)

EUWest Server Maintenance July 1st (3pm-8pm PDT)

As part of our continued efforts to enhance customer experience, Network Engineers will be servicing the EUWest servers.  The event will take place during a scheduled maintenance window on 1-July-2015 22:00 – 03:00 UTC (3pm – 8pm PDT).

During the service, players may experience connectivity issues. This disruption could be in the form of intermittent packet loss, higher than normal latency, or both.

Thank you for your patience!

If there are any questions or issues, please email

Kickstarter Update: You’ve gotta be shipping me!


You’re shipping me, right??! Is it true, are the rewards on their way??


It’s been a long time coming, but the physical rewards for the Kickstarter and Cosmic Limited Edition backers are finally shipping!! Yes, it’s true – your physical rewards are on their way!

Shipments are going out in waves and may take a few weeks to complete. For some, you might even get yours tonight!

For those that pledged $500 or more to the Kickstarter, we are still waiting for the Commander statue to arrive. Once they’re here, we’ll sign them and ship them out as a separate shipment.

Again, thank you so much for your patience. We apologize for the lengthy delay and hope you enjoy your backer rewards. We really couldn’t have done this without you and hope you know how much You ROCK!

We’re excited to see your faces as you open your rewards! If you record an unboxing video, please let us know! Tag @UberEnt on Twitter and share your video with us on Facebook.


If you have an address change, please let us know what your new shipping address is and we’ll work to have your items shipped in a future delivery.

If there are any questions or issues, please contact us at support [at] uberent [dot] com.


Hotfix build 83796 – 7/7/15
– Fix for large number of “Cilantro” errors

Galactic War Updates:
– Tech Discovery Redesign
–You will now be able to choose one tech from a group of three when you explore a system.
–You will no longer be given techs that you already have as one of the three choices.
–You will now only be given techs that you can use–IE no bot buffs without the ability to build bots.
– Rebalanced chances to discover various techs
– Improved AI difficulty ramping
– Improved system difficulty ramping
– New and improved redesigned boss fights for all factions
– Galactic War now defaults to a system size of Medium instead of Epic
– You now have the option to toggle “Hardcore mode” on and off when starting a new war
–Losing a match in Hardcore Mode will end the active Galactic War, as it did in previous Galactic War iterations.
–Losing a match outside of Hardcore Mode will allow you to load a save from before moving into the hostile system.
– Galactic War now has two neutral stars that always spawn next to the starting point
– The two easier difficulty Galactic Wars now use a different set of possible system templates
–The easier system templates don’t go more than a planet and a moon. They also have more metal.
-Exiting from the GW star map takes you back to the main menu
-The in-game menu for a normal GW now contains a surrender option instead of an abandon war button. Hardcore GW will still have the abandon war button.
-Normal AI Difficulty Tuning
-GW star system tuning
-Fix to the Galactic War intro video not playing
-When the player commander is destroyed, all remaining subcommanders will also be destroyed. This only affects GW.
-Removed the factory wait time on relentless AI difficulty

Gameplay changes:
– Units are now setup to allow their wreckage to be pathed through and shot through
– Fix for custom alert behavior (the first custom alert would work, but all the ones after that would fail)
– Added in persistent alerts for special weapons (halleys and lazer).
– Hide special alerts that are triggered while in chronocam
– Updated icons used for special weapons in special alerts
– Major rework for how recon works for blips
– Updates to visuals and layout of celestial/planets panel to closer align w/ new special weapon alert UI
– Resume Anywhere fixes
– Added music cue for the Target Planet scene
– Units flagged as not collidable with projectiles as wreckage will no longer have the attack cursor come up on the client
– The control group and idle unit widgets are hidden when you are spectating. Chronocam will also ignore unit alerts while you are spectating.
– Fix for a case where a unit would stop and lose its nav move
– Mines can now, once again, be shot by projectiles
– Resume from here dialog will now pause the game
– Fix for (selection/control group/idle) type indicators
– Fix for some units failing to attack during an attack move

AI Improvements:
– AI now can now create unit threat data on demand
— This helps support units that are not included in unit_list.json.
– Deep Space Radar will no longer be seen as an orbital threat by the AI
– Fix for units going in circles
– Fix for a rare (1 in ~1400) AI crash
– Fix for AI crash when a platoon tries to retreat when there are no active AI bases left
– AI should be more diligent about building anti nukes
– Adjusted AI planet landing spot selection
-AI perf improvement
-Reduced the spikiness of AI perf some more

Save game changes
1) All saved games are now in one place. This includes GW saves.
2) You no longer go to the GW page to continue an existing GW. That page is only for creating new GWs. Use ‘the saved games’ page instead.
3) There is now a resume last saved game button from the main menu. It is basically a continue button.
4) You can now change your commander in GW while offline.
5) The ‘continue recent game’ button will only appear if your most recent saved game is more recent than your last completed game.
– Selecting any menu item will now hide the menu
– Fix to layout of in-game menu in GW and live game, added offline state for uberbar
– Fix a Linux crash we have been seeing
– Fix to anim event bug
– Better error messages and logging when encountering UI crashes to help track down common problems
– Improved offline main menu
— Hide leaderboards if we can’t fetch it.
— Hide update news if we can’t fetch it.
— Show a placeholder “null message” for YouTube videos if we can’t retrieve them.
— Hide the “show leaderboards” button when you’re not signed in (it doesn’t work.)
— Reduce the size of the leaderboard entries when they don’t have a “view replay” button on them.
– Added a message box when you can’t start a game
— This shows up if you’re not signed in to ubernet and you won’t be using an offline server.
– UI more responsive when connecting to a server
– The stats panel will now show the max tick time in parenthesis, along with the average tick time
– Reduced load times of UI, especially the main menu
– Misc layout updates to be more consistent w/ landing page template, removed unused planet UI
– Layout fixes for shared resources indicators
– Updated start menu for displaying last saved
– The paused popup will no longer appear at the same time as the building planets popup
– Fix metal not updating during replays
– Fix the lobby option ‘listen to spectators’
– Minor perf improvement for units with auto attacking weapons
– Perf improvement for bomb bots with orders
– Fix inviting users to private games
– Show immediate progress information when accepting uberbar game invite
-Added a button to delete saved games
–Can’t delete save games stored on Playfab. You can delete local and galactic war saves
-Deleting the most recent save will clear out the “resume last saved game’ button
-Fix for units being able to remove orders flagged as blocking from their order queue
-Fix for a case where units would continuously run into the side of a structure
-Fix for some weird and wacky pathing behavior from units
-Fix for corrupted audio file on anti air
-Fix for weapon prioritization bug
-All the csg transformation keybindings will now behave correctly when the key is held down
-Fix Jig not atrophying if a fabber stops building it
-Fix one-time memory leak after viewing intro video
-Reduced load time of intro video, and reduced memory usage during intro playback
-Remove beta tag on save game in menu
-Better feedback when attempting to reconnect to a game in progress, and when joining a non-LAN game from the server browser
-Don’t jump back to the main menu if a server connection attempt from the server browser fails
— go back to the server browser.
-Better progress indication when everyone has accepted a matchmaking match
-Disabled the main menu button while the game is saving
-Fix to add button for player guide in menu
-Improve load times of UI even further
-Fix the youtube list in the main menu
-Even more perf improvements
-Fix the crash on reconnect issue
– Pathing crash fix
-Enable custom commanders Stelarch and Spartandano

Physical Reward Update:


The items are in the warehouse and the fulfillment team is assembling the boxes right now! We don’t have an exact ETA for shipping, but it should be soon and once we know the dates the packages will be shipped out, we will post an update to Kickstarter and our website here:

We apologize for the long wait for rewards. We had been waiting for one of the manufacturers to ship us an item that everyone receiving rewards would receive. Unfortunately, the normal production time for this item nearly tripled due to several outside influences.

We’re really excited to send out the physical rewards and appreciate your patience! If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime at

Have a great weekend!

Release Build 82293 and Hotfix build 82369 Resume Anywhere!

Hotfix out: 

Fix for largest cause of “Lost connection to server” issues. We will continue monitoring the issue and make more fixes where needed. Sorry for the issue, and thanks for your patience!

Resume Anywhere now available!
How to:
-Load or start a game
-Open Chronocam
-Rewind back to where you want to go. You have to rewind at least 2 seconds
-Select the Play From Here (Beta) button and Yes when asked “Rewind history and restart battle?”
-Wait for simulation to load
–Older replays (before this update) will not support resume anywhere and the button will not appear
Hotfix changes:
Fix for largest cause of “Lost connection to server” issues. We will continue monitoring the issue and make more fixes where needed. Sorry for the issue, and thanks for your patience!

Balance changes:

-Ammo Gravity Scalar increased to 6 from 3
-Max Firing Velocity increased to 88 from 68
-Min Firing Velocity increased to 85 from 65
-Added a small explosion when ammo hits to better communicate its small amount of splash damage
– Now prioritizes turrets and commanders over its normal targeting priorities

Anti-nuke accuracy improvement
-Ammo Velocity increased to 1500.0 from 500.0

Unit Cannon now decays if you stop building it
-Atrophy Rate set to 140
-Atrophy Cool Down set to 15

Destroyer (Orca)
-Ammo Velocity decreased to 85.0 from 150.0

Battleship (Leviathan)
-Ammo Velocity decreased to 110.0 from 150.0

Fighter (Hummingbird)
– Anti-Air Splash Damage set to 20
– Anti-Air Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
– Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0

Interplanetary Fighter (Phoenix)
– Anti-Air Splash Damage set to 25
– Anti-Air Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
– Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0

– Anti-Air Splash Damage set to 25
– Anti-Air Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
– Anti-Air Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0

Missile Vehicle (Spinner)
– Anti-Air Splash Damage set to 20
– Anti-Air Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
– Anti-Air Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0

Missile Turret (Galata)
– Anti-Air Splash Damage set to 20
– Anti-Air Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
– Anti-Air Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0

Frigate (Narwhal)
– Anti-Air Splash Damage set to 20
– Anti-Air Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
– Anti-Air Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
-Ammo Velocity decreased to 85.0 from 150.0

Missile Ship (Stingray)
– Anti-Air Splash Damage set to 25
– Anti-Air Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0

Bomber (Bumblebee)
– Removed death weapon

Fighter (Hummingbird)
– Removed death weapon

Missile Bomber (Hornet)
– Removed death weapon

Interplanetary Fighter (Phoenix)
– Removed death weapon

Bot Factory
– Placement Size changed to [40,55] from [30,55]
– Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 10

Vehicle Factory
– Placement Size changed to [40,55] from [30,55]
– Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 10

Naval Factory
– Placement Size changed to [40,50] from [20,50]
– Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 10

Air Factory
– Placement Size changed to [40,40] from [30,30]
– Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 10

Advanced Bot Factory
– Placement Size changed to [60,80] from [50,80]
– Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 7

Advanced Vehicle Factory
– Placement Size changed to [60,80] from [50,80]
– Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 6

Advanced Naval Factory
– Area Build Separation decreased to 5 from 10

Advanced Air Factory
– Placement Size changed to [60,60] from [50,50]
– Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 7

-Radar fix for units not showing up even when in range
-Torpedoes now more accurately hit structures
-Removed Twitch integration as Twitch is no longer supporting it. Customers can still use a third party application, like OBS, to stream PA to Twitch
-Game should now crash with an explanatory error if the UI crashes, rather than just freezing.
-Linux fixes
–Fix some cursor bugs that Linux users with specific graphics drivers have been experiencing
–Support opening browser from PA on Linux. It should now open the user’s preferred browser (by relying on the `xdg-open’ command.)
–Fix invisible CSG for Linux users when playing on PlayFab or on someone’s Windows server, but not when playing offline. This should marginally reduce load times for all users.
-Added Cosmic backer name to credits and planet name
-Build item renames
-Enabled Resume Anywhere
-Fix the AllMetalSpotsFull build condition
-Changed reclaim on patrol to reclaim unless we are 100% metal efficient and have full storage
–Units are now able to reclaim wreckage while patrolling
–Patrolling units are now able to reclaim trees
-Set the default water depth for planets to 100%. This only affects Galactic War and will only affect new wars
-Revert a change which was causing the game to hang when leaving the game lobby on some machines
-The server will no longer broadcast custom csg to clients when the system is changed in the game lobby
-The system display widget will no longer show the missing image symbol when you rapidly change the system in the game lobby.
-Updates for save game labels positions in menus
-Make log filenames & first line of log contain date,which should help both sorting & figuring out which log matches what session
-More logging for FMOD initialization failures
-The pause simulation button will no longer reset the position of the planets
-Changed the way local GW saves are named to avoid filename issues
AI Improvements:
-The lobby will remember the last AI difficulty you selected and will use that level by default
-Added a new AI difficulty named ‘idle’. This AI will never take any action
-AI will take into account allied forces when calculating planet wide threat
-Added stuck detection for AI area build task
-Adjusted stuck AI stuck detection sensitivity
-Reduced AI factory buffer size
-AI will send more units at once through a teleporter from planets it has full control of
-AI will expand faster on planets it has full control of
-Adjusted how the AI sees armies occupying a planet
-AI will do a better job of balancing its economy
-AI can now use bomb bots
-AI can now build and use the Unit Cannon
-AI has improved its usage of Naval
-AI should try to get all of its units cannons in sync
-AI will once again send orbital radars to other planets
-AI will send fabbers with no build task back to a rally point, out of harms way
-AI should do a better job of not sending fabbers half way around the planet right after dropping them off at a planet
-AI will now enqueue orders on the sim rather than issuing them directly
-AI will build more AA vehicles if it is losing the air battle
-AI will build a deep space radar earlier when on a planet by itself
-AI will build an orbital launcher earlier when on a planet by itself
-AI will be more likely to place a teleporter on a planet, in anticipation of needing it later
-AI will keep a group of fighters and bombers at the ready when on a planet by itself
-AI will build at least one air factory when on a planet by itself
-Improved the AI’s handling of Gas Giants
-Normal AI adjusted to make it more passive while making its expansion and base building behavior less erratic
-Added “unable_to_expand_delay” as an AI personality setting. The AI will now accumulate time that it is unable to expand. Once they delay has been reached, it will set the unable to expand flag, allowing the AI to react accordingly
-Minor balance to get the AI building the Delta V Engine and Control Module again
-Fix for bug preventing the AI from using Delta V Engines
-Fix for the PlanetHasUseableWeapon build condition not working as expected
-The CanAffordBuildDemand build condition now supports build items with no spec to build. This will now just evaluate the condition using the fabber’s build arm drain
-AI platoon templates and unit map are now located in a separate folder in the AI content folder
-The AI can now load multiple platoon template and unit map files
-Added a cheaper path fixup function to nav. AI now makes use of the cheaper path fixup function
-AI no longer ticks platoons that are in celestial transit
-AI will not tick platoons in transit via the unit cannon
-Removed unnecessary AI build item
-Updated default personality values
-AI now can now create unit threat data on demand. This helps support units that are not included in unit_list.json
-Fix for some AI planet counting stuff
-Fix for AI not expanding on planets with little to no metal
-Fix for crash caused by aiBrain no longer being valid during sim shutdown
-Fix for typo in AI fabber air builds
-Fixes for cases where the AI would seem to lose track of a fabber
-Fix where the AI would get stuck on mixed terrain planets
-Added new AI build conditions:
UI Improvements
-Changing your primary color will no longer reset your secondary color
-Add a Game Menu button to the options panel
-You can now choose to exit the game or exit to the Main Menu after selecting the ‘exit’ option from the live game menu
-Selecting any menu item will now hide the menu
-Replay: Remove animated text that causes weird flashing in the background
-Armory: Remove title animation to fix flashing background
-Armory: Fix line height in KS credit to not overlap w/ commander visual
-Armory: Tweak indicator for default commander
-Quit menu: Tweak text on commit buttons
-Main menu: Added view intro button
-CSS fix so background images cover in irregular resolutions (portrait or square)
-CSS fix in nav items to properly highlight text when a sub menu is displayed
-Adjust CSS for messages that appear in dialogs
-Game Over: swap text from “View Final” to “View Winner”
-Fix for button jittering caused by timer display when simulating systems
-Improves spectator UI – removes unneeded UI elements


Hotfix Build 80462 4/14/15


– Fix for crash loading a saved game
Known Issue: Saved games that experienced this crash prior to the fix will continue to crash. This will fix future saved games from crashing.
– Added a text warning to indicate filenames restrictions
– Fix for vision after reconnect
– Fix for the gas giant size bug in System Designer
– Added a sandbox option to enable server cheats without using a mod. (This does not worked in ranked games.)
– Enable Galactic War Save/Load for PlayFab servers
–These save files will disappear after ~30 days
–If you revert the Local Server setting, your save will still work, however you will not see the save file available until you change your Local Server setting again


Release Build 80187

We continue pushing on our save/load work, which as a big addition to the game is taking a while, but we are glad to now have added in first pass for local Galactic War save/load! We’ve also added AI improvements, Commander economy adjustments, Pathfinding improvements, and fixes for the “Lost connection to server” issues we had reported to us in Galactic War. If you find yourself getting these issues still, please contact so we can try to track down the repro to fix it! Thanks, and enjoy 🙂

Build 80187 4/07/15


– Build Arm Energy Demand decreased to 1750 from 2000


– Fix for known Galactic War issue: lost connection to server
– Updated AI neural net data
– AI pathing improvements
– General unit pathing improvements
– Fix for chronocam vision after game has ended
– Fix for save game filenames
– Fix dynamic alliance
– Updated AI land neural net data
– Updated AI air neural net data
– Fix to how AI expands to other planets
– Fix for units not being able to assist factories building submarines
– Fix for AI build items that do not require either energy or metal
– Fix for AI economy calculation with teleporters
– Local Galactic War save/load (first pass, will only work on local games, not playfab)
Start a new, local Galactic War and play
Select ESC to bring up menu options
Select Save Game (Beta) and Yes to save game
Select Quit to surrender and exit to the desktop (Abandon War will not work to save game)
When you return to Galactic War, your game will be listed under the Active Wars tab
Select your game and Go To War
An option to either Restart or Continue your saved game will be available​

Single Player Save/Load first pass!

Known Issues currently being worked on for hotfix asap
-Currently only alphanumeric characters are supported for Non-local save/load names.
-Losing Connection to Server in Galactic War is being investigated. We’ll have a fix out as soon as we have it tracked down.

Hey all! Over the last month, we’ve been pushing on getting save/load working in the single player side of PA. We’ve also done tons of balance tweaks based on feedback and our balance folks watching replays and streams, added 2 new maps (1 for ranked play and 1 for general play), did some fairly big performance improvements for large army fights, and hit as many bugs and polish items as we could.

This is the first pass of our save/load work, so you’ll see it missing items we want in the final. That being said, we are currently working on those elementsl, but since this version was working, we wanted to go ahead and get it out so you could use it. I’ve explained what is in this version below (single player AI skirmish saving), as well as what we hope to get in next (galactic war mid game saving and resume from anywhere in a replay loading). Take a look, and if you want to join the conversation, or run into any issues, please join us over on the Uber forums!

Hotfix build 79600

Air death weapon

-Radius decreased to 0.75 from 1.5

Gunboat (Piranha)
-Will no longer attempt to fire at units on the sea floor.

-Improvements on neural network for AI
-Fix for performance hit when doing planet wide patrol
-Fix for metal spots being unbuildable
-Fixed AI nuke crash
-Fixed crash for save/load
-Fix for nav crash
-Fix for spectators being able to pause the games
-Removed Galactic War Save button until it is functional
-Fix for uneven starting metal on pacific
-Fix for units not attacking sometimes
-Fix for platoon crash

Hotfix Build 79380

-Replays are once again functioning (though replays created from the previous  build will not work as they are corrupted)
-Fix to issues with auto attack
-Orbital Fabber restrictions can no longer be bypassed

Release Build 79317

Save/Load (first pass)
-Very first pass on Save/Load now in game in its beta form (there will be some bugs, but we wanted to get this out for players to make use of asap)
–Save/Load now works with AI Free For All skirmish
—Currently it will not remember dynamic alliances
—Currently has issues with alliances ending the game
–Save/Load currently does not function for Galactic War
–Spectating won’t work after you lose a loaded game
–The sim will freeze while saving. This could take shorter or longer depending on amount of stuff being saved
–You can also view save files as a replay
—In the future this will allow you to pick a spot in chronocam and load the game there, though it is not yet functioning
-Next passes will be adding some of the missing functionality from above, including Galactic War and resume from anywhere in a replay.

Orbital Deepspace Radar
-Metal Cost increased to 600 from 300
-Orbital Sight Radius increased to 1000 from 500

Air Scout (Firefly)
-Sight Range increased to 250 from 200

-Radar Range increased to 450 from 400
-Orbital Sight increased to 600 from 500

Advanced Radar
-Radar Range increased to 900 from 800
-Orbital Sight increased to 1200 from 1000

-New model to better communicate that your units can shoot through it
-Mesh Bounds changed to [5, 3, 14] from [5, 5, 7] (Taller, more narrow)
-Metal Cost increased to 50 from 25
-Health decreased to 3000 from 5000
-Atrophy Cooldown decreased to 0.5 from 15.0 (this is the time it takes for unit being built to die if you abandon it before it is finished)
-Atrophy Rate increased to 20.0 from 0.416667

Unit Cannon
-Health increased to 18,000 from 9,000

Orbital Factory
-Health decreased to 9,000 from 15,000
-Orbital Sight Radius increased to 250 from 100

Orbital Mining Platform (Jig)
-Nuke Radius increased to 250 from 200
-Area Build Separation increased to 100 from 50

Assault Bot (Dox)
-Move Speed decreased to 18 from 20

Boom Bot
-Damage decreased to 600 from 700

Combat Fabricator
-Can no longer build walls.

Added air_pbaoe ammo (air units with this will do AE damage on death)
-Damage set to 30
-Splash Radius set to 1.5
-Splash Damages Allies set to True

Fighter (Hummingbird)
-Added air_pbaoe as death weapon
-Health decreased to 150 from 200

Bomber (Bumblebee)
-Metal Cost increased to 280 from 240
-Rate of Fire decreased to 7.5 from 10.0
-Added air_pbaoe as death weapon

Interplanetary Fighter (Phoenix)
-Health decreased to 200 from 300
-Ammo Lifetime decreased to 2 from 5
-Added air_pbaoe as death weapon

Tactical Missile Bomber (Hornet)
-Added air_pbaoe as death weapon

Battleship (Leviathan)
-Ammo Lifetime decreased to 4 from 10

-Ammo Lifetime decreased to 5 from Infinite
-Velocity increased to 500 from 400

Defense Satellite (Anchor)
-Metal Cost increased to 2200 from 1800

-All radar units that require energy to see the surface layer now require energy to see the underwater layer

Defense Satellite (Anchor)
-Orbital Sight Radius increased to 600 from 280

Ion Defense (Umbrella)
-Orbital Sight Radius increased to 500 from 300

Orbital Fabricator
-Orbital Sight Radius increased to 250 from 100
-Can now reclaim features and wreckage
-Can now assist and repair units and structures in the orbital layer
-Can now assist and repair teleporters

Orbital Lander
-Orbital Sight Radius increased to 300 from 100

Orbital Fighter
-Orbital Sight Radius increased to 400 from 250

Vehicle Factory
-Area Build Separation increased to 6 from 3

Air Factory
-Area Build Separation increased to 6 from 3

Bot Factory
-Placement Size changed to [30,55] from [30,60]
-Area Build Separation increased to 6 from 3

Naval Factory
-Placement Size changed to [20,50] from [20,47]
-Area Build Separation increased to 10 from 3

Advanced Naval Factory
-Placement Size changed to [50,125] from [50,70]
-Area Build Separation increased to 10 from 7

-Firing Arc Type changed to High from Low
-Max Firing Velocity increased to 68 from 53
-Min Firing Velocity increased to 65 from 50
-Range increased to 125 from 105
-Vision Range increased to 130 from 120

Heavy Tank (Leveler)
-Hit points increased to 1500 from 1000
-Turn Radius decreased to 60 from 90
-Yaw Rate increased to 30 from 15
-Splash Radius increased to 3 from 0
-Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 1 from 0

Gunship (Kestrel)
-Metal Cost decreased to 600 from 720

-Build Energy Draw increased to 2000 from 1500
-Energy Production decreased to 2000 from 3000
-Metal Production decreased to 20 from 30
-Metal Storage increased to 1500 from 1000
-Energy storage increased to 45,000 from 20,000

-Commander and missile turret weapons now prioritize pelicans over other non-prioritized air units

Metal Extractor
– Metal Cost increased to 170 from 150

-Phoenix, Barracuda, Kraken and Unit Cannon enabled in Galactic War


-Added new ranked system Amplus to the matchmaking pool
-Added new systems Amplus and Blitz to the default system list
-Updated every ranked system with new iterations
-Removed Battlefield and Inner Sol System from the pre-made system list
-Adjusted the recommended players for all of the ranked systems and the PAX system
-Fixed issues of Assisting/Repairing failing (most commonly seen from Factories with Patrol not having fabbers it built assist it)
-Fixed for units under construction by orbital factory moving when factory is being assisted by orbital fabbers
-Adjustments to how AI prioritizes based on planet resources
-Fix for rare cases where units would not fire
-Fix for a few coherent crashes
-Fix for missing vision on reconnect
-Beta tag added to Save/Load buttons on the main menu
-Fix for build orders not loading (not factory queues, but actual build orders like from Commander or Fabber)
-Fix for weird floating units after load
-Annihilazer should now load correctly (unless it’s mid-fire, you will need to fire it again in that case)
-Craters now load correctly
-Alliances restored during save/load
–Loaded games don’t end properly when allied victory is true (upcoming)
-Credits system added for our writer
-Coherent fix for crashes
-Fix for crash in AntiWeapon code (should fix that anti-nuke not firing issue)
-AI unit cap is now adjustable via the ai_config file
-Online (PlayFab) save games are found under Replays (Local saves still found in same spot, this will be better in future pass)
-Save games filter added to Replay browser
-Units falling behind the group will now pathfind much better
-Performance improvements for large army battles and large numbers of units
-Optimization pass on weapon tasks
-Improvement for dark side of the planet with shadows turned off
-Upgrade to Coherent 2.5.4
–Update to UI framework that should improve stability of the game on Mac & Linux
-Change Gamma display name from Delta to Gamma
-Improvements to AI threat handling
-Added Submarine influence for the AI
-AI will scout smarter depending on difficulty
-Factory build task improvements
-Fix for cases where army vision was not granted correctly
-AI will now realize if its nukes are destroyed mid flight and react
-Random planets will no longer spawn to where they will collide with one another
-Fixed landing zone bug on random planets
-Increased average metal on random planets
-Fixed case where shift key would get stuck while panning the mouse
-Fixed crash from patrolling with large amount of subs
-AI will now use subs
-Fix for amphibious units not using patrol correctly
-Completely re-worked neural networks for the AI
-Fix for an instance of AI getting stuck
-AI will now defend base for longer before abandoning it
-Minor changes to how AI will invade a planet
-Added Random System picker to the game lobby

Mid-Month Bugfix and Polish pass

Release Build 78071

Tank Commanders
-Turn In Place set to False

Unit Cannon
-Health increased to 9000 from 3000

-Surface and Air Radar range decreased to 400 from 600
-Orbital Radar removed
-Orbital Sight range increased to 500 from 300

Advanced Radar
-Metal Cost decreased to 2400 from 4800
-Energy Draw decreased to 4000 from 4500
-Surface and Air Radar range decreased to 800 from 1200
-Orbital Radar removed
-Orbital Sight range increased to 900 from 300

Orbital Deepspace Radar
-Orbital Sight range increased to 500 from 300

Radar Satellite (ARKYD)
-Energy Draw increased to 700 from 300
-Orbital Radar removed
-Orbital Sight range increased to 600 from 100

Advanced Radar Satellite
-Orbital Radar removed
-Orbital Sight range increased to 1200 from 600

Ion Defense (Umbrella)
-Surface and Air Sight range decreased to 100 from 260
-Underwater Sight range decreased to 100 from 260
-Orbital Sight range increased to 300 from 260
-Orbital Range increased to 300 from 280
-Orbital Rate of Fire increased to 2.5 from 2.0

Defense Satellite (Anchor)
-Terrestrial Laser Range decreased to 100 from 120
-Orbital Laser Rate of Fire decreased to 2.5 from 3.0

Orbital Laser (SXX)
-Laser is now a Beam weapon
-Ammo Capacity increased to 12000 from 6000
-Ammo Per Shot increased to 12000 from 6000

-Mines can now only be seen by Combat Fabricators and Advanced Combat Fabricators

-Observable layer set to Mine from Surface and Air
-Ignore Sight set to False

Combat Fabricator
-Set Mine Sight range to 100

Advanced Combat Fabricator
-Set Mine Sight range to 100

Land Scout (Skitter)
– Added Mine Sight vision layer
– Mine Sight set to 200

Combat Fabricator
– Energy Draw set to 800

Advanced Combat Fabricator
– Energy Draw set to 2000

Bug fix/Polish
– Planet smash work
— Craters are now unpathable by naval or land (whether there is water in them or not)
— Units will no longer float above the crater as if it were not there
— Planets smashing into others will now kill units as they are intended to do
– UI: HUD: Added control groups, ability to sub-select within control groups
– UI: HUD: Added controls to select idle fabbers/factories
– UI: HUD: Added quick select buttons based on unit category (bot, land, air, etc.)
– UI: HUD: Updated unit selection display to show total units selected, and allow for sub-selection based on unit category
– Improvements to physics update performance
– Improvements to Navigation performance
– Performance work on voxels
– Improvements on log handling for underwater units
– Updated AI to handle building on islands smarter
– Unit groups of different movement types will now try to stay together
— Unit groups will be split based on Land, Water, and Air/Orbital movement.
– Fix for units getting stuck when pathed or pushed into invalid terrain.
– Fix for units failing to path when given a move order while bordering invalid terrain.
– Improvements on units spinning around when reaching goal
– More improvements on AI not heading to where it knows it will be destroyed
– Improvements on units avoiding running into walls
– Fix for a SimPlanet crash
– Minor update to Anchor ground laser effect
– Changing SXX attack to a beam
– Tweaks on server clean up
– Fix for an invalid replay loading issue
– Crash fixes
– Normal AI and Hard AI are now easier
– Adjustments to how landing zones are handled in the system editor
– You can now confirm live game popups using the enter key
– Mouse scrolling will now only work on the panel you are focused on
– Fixes for some Steam Achievement bugs
– Changed the default minimum radius from 100 to 250
— This only affects new planets created in the system editor
– AI won’t transport commanders in an orbital lander anymore
– Control group UI will now scale to number of units selected
– Art pass on Idle buttons
– Planet smashes no longer deal damage way outside of crater range
– Air units will no longer attempt to hover below the normal ground height
– Air units will no longer land on unpathable terrain
– Bug fix for editor lighting issue on high height range planets
– Selection UI will no longer show type filters if there is only one type
– Quick select “All” buttons will no longer select fabbers unless it’s the fabber button
– Fixed issues of select all advanced button selecting fabbers
– Idle fabber/factory button now selects all target units on screen with single click, and all target units on planet with double click
– You can now track a control group by double clicking
– Fix for game resetting to FFA when you select a planet
– Fix for game crashing on 11+ player games
– Factory’s given rally/move/patrol points will still be idle if idle
– Improvements on AI when making attack choices
– Fixed a few instances of Join Game button not working

Update on Kickstarter and Cosmic Limited Edition Fulfillment

We have not shipped the physical rewards yet as some of the items are still in production.

Items have been ordered, but many are still in production. We are as excited to get these as you are, and will be sending them out as soon as they are finished being made and in our hands!

We sent out a notification to confirm configurable items and shipping address to prepare for fulfillment. With this information, we’ve been able to calculate the precise number of shirts to order and in what size and style. (BTW, these shirts will be Awesome!)

We also have lots to sign! Posters, game boxes, and art books, Oh my!

We have the game boxes and art books in the warehouse and should have the poster done soon. When everything is ready, we’ll get to work signing over 2,000 individual items. (Whoa!  Over 2,000 individual items?!)

When can we ship?

Once all the items are in our warehouse, we’ll start packing them up and shipping them out.

We are unfortunately tied to waiting on manufacturers to finish production, but will post updates of this fulfillment process to Kickstarter and our website here:

To see what items you’ll be receiving, just go to ‘My Account’ ( and select your pledge or Cosmic order. A detailed list of items for this order will be displayed.

Here’s a Sneak Preview of the Commander statue!


Invictus statue without its paint. Brrr, is it chilly in here?