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Planetary Annihilation Goes On Sale For $30 And Enters Gamma Phase Of Development!


In alpha, we introduced users to Planetary Annihilation. In beta, we gave players big, epic moments. During the gamma phase of development, we’ll give folks brand new ways to play and experience Planetary Annihilation.

Today, Uber Entertainment released an update to Planetary Annihilation that ushered in the game’s “gamma” phase of development. This update includes a totally rebuilt and streamlined front-end, as well as brand new lobbies that make it easier for players to join the games they want. This sets the table for further user interface updates that’ll be unveiled in gamma.

The concept of “alliances” also debuted today. In free-for-all games, players can now set up alliances pre-match. We packed our epic orchestral score into today’s update as well. This stunning soundtrack has over an hour’s worth of content.

Over the course of gamma, we’ll be rolling out a ton of features that’ll make it easier to connect with others, team up, browse games, compare stats, and interact. We’ll also push Planetary Annihilation’s incredible scale to a new level with features focused on giving you more options, more control, and even more epic moments. You can read more about these features here:

And In celebration of today’s release, we cut the price of Planetary Annihilation to just $30 on Steam, The Uber Store, and the Humble Bundle Store. Jump in and check out the start of Gamma! We think you’ll love what we’ve done.

Gamma Release Livestream: Join Us This Thursday And Friday To See Planetary Annihilation Gamma In Action


Excited about the launch of Planetary Annihilation’s gamma this week? We sure are. And in celebration of this update, and phase of the game’s development, we’ll be doing two different livestreams on our Twitch.TV channel at the end of this week.

The first livestream will start this Thursday, February 27, at 1PM PST. If you’ve ever watched us before, this one’s format will feel familiar. We’ll sit down with Jon Mavor to discuss Gamma’s current and future features. We’ll also do a live demo of what’s in the build you’ll receive tomorrow and take some of your questions.

The other livestream will start this Friday, February 28th, at 10AM PST and run until 9PM PST. This one will focus purely on Planetary Annihilation’s mechanics and features, as well as its community. We’ll sit down and play the game all day with each other and with all of you. Along the way, you’ll learn more about the staff at Uber Entertainment, the creation of the game, gamma’s features, and much more.

Sound good? We’d love for you to join us. Hit up our message board to ask a question and keep on your web speed dials to join us. We’ll talk to you soon — and don’t forget that Gamma launches tomorrow on February 27th.

Gamma Feature Reveal: Replays! Alliances! Multi-planet Spawns!


Planetary Annihilation has always been about incredible scale and features that let you make entire solar systems your playground. We’re going to push on this idea even harder in the game’s gamma phase with a new suite of features focused on giving you more options, more control, and even more epic experiences.

Two ways we’ll expand on the scale of Planetary Annihilation during the gamma phase is with multi-planet start spots and picture-in-picture. These are two of our most highly requested features — and with good reason. Multi-planet spawns will open up the game, allowing for users to battle interplanetary wars from the time a match starts. We’ll also make some changes to the system editor so it caters to this style of play.

You got your first taste of picture-in-picture mode last week when we debuted it in an update. During the gamma phase, we’ll continue building on picture-in-picture with unit-tracking and a “last notification mode” that instantly snaps your view to where an alert occurred. We expect to keep building on this tech in other ways, too.

Our in-game streaming video tech, Chronocam, has always been incredible. In gamma, we’ll bolster this offering by adding replays that are instantly accessible after matches end. You’ll receive a link that you can use to watch your last matches, even if you leave the client. Down the road, we’d like to add sharing so you can share your matches with everyone.

Also during the gamma phase, we’ll unleash Alliance Mode. Alliances will allow you to ally with several players either (a) before a match starts or (b) during. Allied players will share vision and will be able to share excess resources with each other. We also plan to roll out dynamic alliances. With a dynamic alliance, you’ll be able to break away from your alliance whenever you fancy.

These are all really cool features and just a few of the new options we’ll be giving you during the gamma phase. We can’t wait for you to get your first look at gamma this coming Thusrday, February 27th, when it hits as a free update.

Gamma Feature Reveal: Friends, Chat, Browsing, And More!


The upcoming gamma phase of Planetary Annihilation is all about you and your friends. We’ll be rolling out a ton of features over the course of development that’ll make it easier to connect, team up, browse compare, and check out the Commanders you own. Today, we wanted to talk about some of these awesome social and experiential additions that’ll totally take Planetary Annihilation to the next level.

From top to bottom, Planetary Annihilation’s user interface is being reimagined and refocused to make it even simpler to find what you want, when you want it. We’re expanding server browsing options, for instance. In Gamma, you’ll be able to filter potential matches by player count and number of planets. We’ll also make it easier to create a new game.

The new front-end menus, on the other hand, will support dynamic news items. We’re also going to add a video hub that’ll display content from us and you. In the future, we plan to expand this to show new players how to play the game.

And did we mention how you’ll be welcomed to the game? Our orchestral soundtrack will be rolled out during this phase.

Gamma will also introduce new social functionality such as friends lists and instant messaging. We’ll be expanding our Twitch.TV functionality as well by adding visual cues, controls for audio settings, and the ability for streamers to run commercials (because we’re totally cool with folks monetizing videos of our games).

Also during the gamma phase, you’ll be able to compete against friends on the leaderboards to see who’s really the best and you’ll be able to view a variety of stats after matches. We’re also going to roll out a spectator mode that’ll feature its own chat and provides a real-time display of players’ economies.

A totally new concept that we’re going to introduce during gamma is the Armory. When we add this feature, you’ll be able to see all the Commanders you already own or have been rewarded as a backer of the game. You’ll also see special badges you’ve earned there. Cool!

Gamma phase’s social features and rebuilt UI will make interacting and playing a breeze — and the game that much more intense to play as a result. Most of what we’re talking about today will be rolled out over the course of the phase, but you’ll get an awesome taste of what’s to come this Thursday, February 27th, when Gamma releases.

We’ve got some more to share before Gamma releases as a free update. Stay tuned!

Planetary Annihilation Gamma Starts February 27


We’ve got some incredible news to share with you guys. In a few short days, we’re releasing an update to our next-generation RTS Planetary Annihilation. This update marks the start of a new phase of the game’s development: Gamma.

Planetary Annihilation Alpha introduced concepts, scale and mechanics. Beta gave you epic moments. Gamma will present a new way to interact with the game — and the experience will revolve around you and your friends.

As we roll out features in the Gamma phase, we’ll give you an entirely new and more intuitive way to browse, experience, and play Planetary Annihilation. We’ll make teaming up and streaming more satisfying. We’ll make controlling multiple planets simpler with powerful tools. And that’s just the start of what we plan to add.

We’ll have more details on our upcoming Gamma update and phase over the coming days. You’ll get your first peek of what Gamma has in store when it hits this Thursday, February 27th across all our digital channels, including the Uber Store, Steam, The Humble Bundle store, and EA’s Origin service.

A New Update Is Available! Unit Formations, New Orbital Play, And Much More!


Buckle up — we just blasted out an enormous update to Planetary Annihilation. Like, massive-huge. A massive-big-enormous-huge update that (a) expanded the core game’s feature set and (b) added new mechanics, new units, and some game-changing balance tweaks.

Unit formations, for example, have been added to the game. As you direct your units into battle, they’ll dynamically organize themselves to maximize their awesome destructive powers. We’ve also re-worked orbital. Most notable, units now move much faster. We’re thinking this change in particular will help players establish beachheads on controlled planets much, much easier.

Also in this update? We’ve expanded advanced command and control functionality. Now, you can load and unload units by using an area command or patrol with ground units. Also, we’ve added ping functionality that allows you to alert your friends and teammates to action all over the solar system.

Our AI grows even more evil in this update, too, and we’ve added new character models for all the new units we’ve been adding in the game. We’ve also tossed in some performance and pathfinding tweaks that make the game even more awesome to play.

You need to see the patch notes on this one. As usual, they’re available on our message board. Folks are already talking about the new update there as well, so join in on the discussion!

One note before you go, though: our next update is coming sooner than you think — and it’ll change the way you play and interact with the game. We’ll have more details on this soon.

Here’s An Archived Version Of Today’s Stream!

Missed today’s stream? No problem! We have an archived version that’s available to watch whenever you are. Just check out the embedded video below:

Today’s stream covered a lot of ground! John and Jon discussed overall game balance, new units, and design philosophies. They also showed off a Steam box and controller and took a bunch of user questions from our chat. If you’re wondering what’s going on now and in the future with Planetary Annihilation, you’ll want to watch this.

We’re Doing A Livestream And Talking About The Latest Update!


Hey, guys! We’ve got a lot of great news to share. Yesterday, we released a HUGE update to Planetary Annihilation that not only changed the way the game feels, but introduced new units, new mechanics, and new features. And today, we’re going to talk about all of this in-depth in a brand new livestream at 1PM PST. We’ve got some more details on that just below.

Let’s talk about this update first. Over the last couple of weeks, the Planetary Annihilation team has been promising new units and a much more furious pace to the game’s action. This is just the first of several updates we’re delivering on this with.

The list is of what’s new in this update is exhaustive. We’ve added new fabricators that travel with your armies and heal units. We’ve added a new “gunship” flying unit. We’ve ratcheted the speed of factory output. We’ve also added the game-changing teleporter, which allows your armies to travel seamlessly between worlds.

These new units and balance changes are works-in-progress, but we think all of this, in addition to the core that has been around since alpha, makes for an exciting, high-octane experience. Let us know what you think, too, as you play.

These additions aren’t all that this update has to offer — for instance, we’ve expanded on area commands and have started re-tooling orbital. The full patch notes are available in this link, and we highly suggest you check them out before playing. There’s a lot of new, great stuff.

Another great way to learn about this update? Watch our livestream today! On this Friday, at 1PM PST (4PM EST), we’ll be showing off this build and diving into a discussion about the new balance changes, our design philosophies, and where we’re going with the game. It’ll be a blast, and we hope you can join us.



We’ll see you guys later today! In the meantime, boot up the new build and enjoy.

Hey, We’re Streaming Our Playtests!


If you’ve been especially plugged into Planetary Annihilation’s forums and social media over the last couple of days, you’ve probably noticed that we’re doing something really exciting: we’re starting to stream our internal playtests! Today, we’d like to go ahead and say that this is something we plan to continue to do throughout the creation of our game. Awesome, right?

Watching a playtest is a wonderful opportunity to see changes before they make it into official builds. Also, it’s a great way to learn about our iterative process. Playtests help us decide what goes in and comes out of builds. If a mechanic, unit, tweak, or feature is solid, we keep it. If it isn’t, we put it back in the oven.

Our last two playtests have had a ton of game-changing balance tweaks, as well as new units. In today’s stream, our build featured prototype gunships and increased build speeds. Check it out:

So, when can you see a playtest live? Unlike our production-heavy streams, our playtest streams happen on the fly. Basically, when a build is ready we test it as soon as possible. So, generally speaking, we won’t be able to give you specific start times. However, we’ll definitely give you heads ups on Twitter, Facebook, and the forums whenever a stream starts. It also wouldn’t hurt to subscribe to our Twitch channel, either, since it’s the new home of these live tests.

Cool? Cool! We’ll see you guys soon. Have fun with Planetary Annihilation over the weekend!

Celebrate The Season With Some Planet Smashing! Planetary Annihilation Is Part Of The Steam Holiday Sale!

UberHolidayCard2013When we think about the holidays, we think about snow. And candy. And John McClane.

Also, we think about sweet, sweet celestial obliteration because, really, nothing spreads the kind of joy that we commonly associate with the season like the blasting planets to smithereens.

Put Planetary Annihilation’s intense, next-generation RTS action on your list, too! Starting now, Planetary Annihilation is being featured as part of the Steam Holiday Sale. It’s available at $44.99 instead of its usual $59.99. That’s a slick deal — and we’re happy to be a part of this event.

We’re making this deal even better, by the way: everyone who purchases Planetary Annihilation during the Holiday Sale will receive a special Commander in the future. You guys will also get him, since you’ve supported us from the ground up. We’ll have a lot more details on this guy down the road, so stay tuned.


One last thing: Have you seen the latest build of Planetary Annihilation? We’ve tightened up and polished the overall experience and added two brand new game changing features: area commands and notifications. Now, you can build multiple buildings with an intuitive drag and click. And when your Commander gets attacked on a moon far, far away, you’re notified with a clickable alert that’ll whisk you to him. If it’s been a bit, you should definitely boot up Planetary Annihilation again and check out all the new stuff.

So, what’s next? We’ve got a ton of ideas and mechanics we want to implement, including the Unit Cannon, portals, new units, and we’re thinking about re-working orbital. We’ve got a lot of stuff on deck, in other words, so we should, uh, probably get back to work.

We’ll see you in the Lobby, Commanders.